Win 10 Tweaker 13.0 Pro

Win 10 Tweaker is a small but very powerful program that allows you to make full optimization and cleaning Windows in a few clicks.

Personalize and optimize Windows by performing some simple tweaks

The user interface of the program consists of a plain and simple window in which you can access options that revolve around personalization, user account, system performance, security settings, network tweaks, Internet Explorer, and others.

In the first tab you can view system information on your computer (Windows edition, system and computer user, name and domain settings).

Create system restore points to easily rollback
Before making any changes, it is highly recommended you create a checkpoint. So, you can configure Windows Explorer (e.g. disable full row select items), the start menu (e.g. disable context menus) and the taskbar appearance (e.g. disable balloon tips).

You can also make welcome screen tweaks (e.g. enable verbose status message) and change options in User Account Control (e.g. enable admin approval mode for the built-in administrator account).

Modify settings related to performance, security and privacy, IE, and more
Furthermore, you can adjust the waiting time to end services at the shutdown process, to kill non-responding applications and to stop applications timeout during shutdown, as well as make system performance tweaks (e.g. auto-end non-responding applications) and service optimizations (e.g. disable Superfetch).

In addition, you can make administrative restrictions (e.g. disable Registry Editor ), Windows Explorer restrictions (e.g. disable Folder Options), Windows apps' restrictions (e.g. disable Windows Media Center) and configure Windows Update settings (e.g. disable all Windows Updates).

Practical and user-friendly system tweaker
Moreover, you can configure the network security (e.g. hide your server or workstation from the general browser list), bandwidth optimization, tab settings and advanced configuration in Internet Explorer, disable hibernation, set Windows registration information, and more.

The program uses a low amount of system resources and you can reset settings to default at any time. There is no help file available, but Ultimate Windows Tweaker is very easy to work with.

Whats New in Win 10 Tweaker 13.0 Pro:

Added tweak file upload to file sharing (Thanks to Grand Silence)
• direct link to the file on the clipboard immediately after downloading
Added new and remaining extensions for cutting Paint 3D
• additionally sawed-3D traces of x86 shell in x64 Windows
• additionally saw all items 3D Print
Anti-spyware domain rules extended - 9 point of Privacy
• spy domains are additionally blocked through the Firewall
• the update hosts button also updates the Firewall rules
Windows 10 Home users when visiting the System category
will receive a proposal to establish a local group policy
Now, if the hosts file has write protection or anti-virus protection,
Win 10 Tweaker removes it before applying hosts tweaks
Rules of antispyware tasks are expanded - 5 point of Privacy
• minus two more curious Barbarians
Warning when Cleaning and open browser now checks
not just the presence of the process, but its garbage in the user's folder.
Pre-configure IE and Anti-Ban are now separated.
Added pre-warning tweak to IE presets
unknown publisher (.bat; .exe; .reg; .vbs; .chm; .msi; .js; .cmd)
Check for viruses now allows you to google threats by simply clicking on the infection
To automatic fixes moved cmd (Shift + RMB in folders)
Cortana is no longer being raped, but brought up to the minimum activity.
• Start menu and Loupe and the entire search in general are not violated
Network speed is now calculated only when entering a category.
IP-address now does not burn, until you click "Show"
(no network activity when starting the program - more transparency)
Clicking on your IP opens the detailed whois in the browser.
Restoring the Startup folder is now not only for Pro
Restored ability to close Esc optimization
Removing broken shortcuts now asks for confirmation,
and also displays the name and full path of the broken label
"Group Policy" and "Disk Management" are called without MS-DOS
Fixed Realtek crash when clearing RAM
Improved display of checkboxes and on all types of permissions
(now (Select) and Shift + RMB do not climb on neighbors)
Lost letters returned, English improved (thanks to all)
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