WaveGenix DeluxeMasteringSuite

DeluxeMasteringSuite is a comprehensive and easy to use tool especially designed to offer producers and DJs a simple means to master their wave files. Though it is a fairly lightweight tool, it features a analogue tape simulation, bit-dithered depth conversion, immersive reverb delay box, protective loudness booster and a stereo soundstage controller.


Auto-detect noise reduction:
Selecting the ideal noise gate threshold can be tricky, especially when you consider attack speed. Now consider release speed as well. These parameters have to be timed just right to reduce hissy sections to virtual silence without causing tail cut-offs. This software makes the task easy by finding the threshold and deciding how fast to respond. It comes with a smart look-ahead gate in combination with smart noise filtering.

Auto-mix channel conversion:
Something as simple as changing between single and dual channel input and output can be a real chore in editing software. Now you can seamlessly manipulate your PCMs between mono and stereo with the built-in channel converter. This enables source material to be saved either as a stereo-to-mono perfect mixdown, or as a mono-to-stereo double up. No more hassle with your old sound editing software.

Analogue tape simulation:
Despite certain opposing opinions on this subject, many still remember the lush warmth associated with analogue recording equipment. This software mimics the main properties of magnetic tape to reduce the cold harshness of digital perfection. On a physical level, sounds bleed and cause magnetic mis-alignment in the poles. This generates warmth through ducking harsher overtones.

Batch processing controller:
Let's look at this from a basic perspective and identify a core problem inherent in all mastering projects. Certain jobs, such as volume manipulation or noise reduction, etc., tend to carry a high chore-bore factor. You know the problem: Load sound one, normalize it, balance the pressure and so forth, save it, open sound two, repeat, open sound three, blah blah, and so on. What a tedious way to work. Well not any more because this software has the full capability and built-in smart intelligence to run thousands of sound files through its processors, according to your exacting needs. How cool is that!

Bit-dithered depth conversion:
Why should you worry about opening up a sound editing software environment just to load in a WAV at for example 24 bits and save it as 16 bits? All so you can run it under a different, less-compatible program. Surely this increases production time for something which ought to be taken care of inside the non-compatible software, right? Stop worrying about converting between bits. In fact, this software even comes with built-in smart dithering, so there's far less tail roll-off damage and virtually no tail drop-out distortion if you go down to 8 bit. This works perfectly in mono and stereo, hopping between 8, 16, 24 and even 32 bits. Please note, all audio processing within this software is conducted using internal 64-bit up conversion, then dithered back down to the output depth of your choice. It's all about ensuring the highest possible quality for your professional needs.

High frequency exciter:
It's incredible how nicely a muddy performance can be lifted, simply by adding a little bit of so-called air to the higher frequencies. Of course, the trick is to figure out how much you want those top end parts of the spectrum to shimmer. This is where automated mastering shines through, with artificial intelligence deciding how much is too much and where the mix can sit just right. This is perfect for adding clarity to a vocal track before sending it through your reverb section.

Digital noise-shaping engine:
Each time you reduce the bit-depth of a signal, there are fewer bits to carry the same dynamic range. This results in worse distortion the closer the signal tends toward zero. By filling certain gaps with carefully shaped noise, it's possible to trick the brain's ear. Specific noise, shifted into discrete higher frequencies, creates the desired psycho-acoustic tail. This software powers the magic for you.

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