VSO DVD Converter Ultimate

DVD Converter Ultimate is a professional application designed to enable you to rop DVDs to various formats. With the VSO burning engine included in the software, burn your project onto DVD automatically. The Converter is extra fast and even supports Nvidia Cuda video cards.

Rip DVD Movies
- Convert DVD to AVI, DVD, MKV, PS3, DIVX, iPad, iPhone, iPod, etc.
- and Mpeg2, Mpeg4, H264, Xvid too
- Copy DVD to DVD
- Multiple audio + subtitles tracks supported
- Video player included for easy audio and subtitle track selection
- Supports ISO images as input files
- Special mkv and avi remux profiles included
- Chapter support

Extra Fast
- Quality helper guides you for your custom settings to get the best quality
- Live preview
- Uses Advanced Image Filter for best image quality
- Processes simultaneous conversions
- Optimized for multi-core processors meaning you get even faster conversions
- Use Hardware encoding NVIDIA CUDA convert 3x's faster
- DXVA2 hardware decoding: NVIDIA CUDA, Intel, ATI technology
- 2 pass encoding for enhanced quality
- Multiple simultaneous conversions possible

Simplified with Advanced technology
- Rip DVD main movie or episodes
- Convert Bonus
- Files displayed in a clear straightforward manner
- Multiple angles films supported
- Forced subtitles supported
- Choice of various video codecs H264, Mpeg4, Xvid, AC3, AAC, DTS
- Create your own custom profiles with your favorite codecs, resolutions, and bitrates
- Padding and cropping options

Play your conversions on any Device
- Many outputs supported in VSO DVD converter (see supported formats)
- Standard and High Definition output possible
- Burning engine included: burn your converted file to DVD, compatible with any burner and DVDs
- Create Menus when converting to DVD output

Blu-ray & DVD Converters - (Released 2013-11-15)
- 0007251: [Bug] language tags not in output of profile structure blu-ray (cedric) - resolved.
- 0007269: [Bug] no warning about burning error (cedric) - resolved.
- 0007270: [Bug] eject after sucessful burn - not happening (cedric) - resolved.
- 0007262: [Feature Request] new profile to create Blu-ray and AVCHD structures (cedric) - resolved.
- 0007263: [Feature Request] burning engine updated to support burning of Blu-ray and AVCHD structure (cedric) - resolved.
- 0007267: [Information] change log not updated in installer (cedric) - resolved.
- 0007268: [Feature Request] option to burn already created bluray or avchd structure (cedric) - resolved.
VSO DVD Converter Ultimate + Patch : 28 MB
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Only the registered members can see the download links/content. pleaseĀ Register to gain full access.