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Thread: Vectoraster 6.0.4

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    Vectoraster 6.0.4

    Vectoraster 6.0.4

    Vectoraster is a graphics utility for creating vector-based raster patterns
    and halftones based on bitmap images.
    The raster patterns and point shapes can be freely configured to
    produce many different styles, with the resulting raster shown in real
    time as you change the parameters. The rasters can then easily be
    exported as vectors to EPS or PDF files, as images to JPEG, PNG or TIFF,
    or simply copied and pasted into most graphics software.
    New in Vectoraster 6
    - New and improved single-window interface with full screen support.
    - New multi-thread rendering for even faster real-time updates as you work with the raster.
    - Much improved control of varying secondary parameters like point aspect, rotation and outline width across the raster.
    - New color controls for adjusting hue, saturation and brightness of the raster point colors.
    - New consistent document size system.
    - New sparke-based version checking and updating.

    WHAT'S NEW Version 6.0.4:
    Fixed a bug that would sometime cause the background color box to be incorrectly scaled in exported rasters.
    Replaced the align raster button in the pattern transformation panel.
    Source image files dropped into the source image wells now get the correct file names and vector graphic files are properly rejected if dropped.
    Fixed/improved the information in some error messages.
    OS: MacOSX
    Format: .dmg
    Lang: Englisch
    Size: 9 MB
    Hoster: Uploaded

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    When i try to register gives me that message : Serial is correct but this license was refunded

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