The Touch 1.25

Forget the interface. Create.
With just a few simple gestures you can work your images without
having to find the on-screen controls using your mouse.
Free yourself from the interface and concentrate only on
your image and what you want it to become.
Sculpt with precision.

The Touch understands when you need fine control and when you
need to move more quickly. Move your fingers slowly for very fine
control over your sliders and pucks, and speed up to move them quickly.

Trackpad, Magic Trackpad, iPad.
If you’re using a Macbook or a Magic Trackpad then you’re ready to
use The Touch. If you have an iPad then download our free
companion application, The Touch Pad, to pilot The Touch on your Mac.

Discover at your own rhythm.
Start by learning the gestures that are most useful to you.
Then in your own time, and with the help of the integrated videos,
discover new gestures to complement your workflow.

Simple. Intuitive. Efficient.
The Touch has been created and designed by professional users.
Its unique feature set has been considered with painstaking care.

Lang: Englisch
Size: 28 MB
Format: .dmg
Hoster: Uploaded

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