Tickets 2.5

Tickets is the fastest way to manage FogBugz tickets. Tickets features screen shot capture and other file attachments. Tickets 2 supports drag
and drop case management, integrated email and SpotLight/QuickLook integration.

What's New Version 2.5:

NEW: Drag files to the Dock icon to create new case with attachments.
IMPROVED: Updated artwork with full retina support!
IMPROVED: Deleted projects/milestones now shown with gray icons.
IMPROVED: Tweaked accounts menu and Accounts Preferences.
IMPROVED: Added standard key equivalents to many buttons.
IMPROVED: Layout and appearance of QuickLook results.
IMPROVED: Can now double-click groups in the list to expand/collapse
IMPROVED: Loads of other small improvements.
CHANGED: Swapped Due Date with Priority from More Fields.
CHANGED: If worked time exceeds estimate, Remaining Hours are now shown in red instead of negative.
CHANGED: Removed Feedback from the Help menu.
CHANGED: Spotlight attributes have more descriptive names.
CHANGED: Initial import now requires user to wait for it to complete.
FIXED: Issue switching to edit view on Mountain Lion.
FIXED: Timed Screen Grab timer not centered and doesn't always appear.
FIXED: Error window contents don't expand when window resized.
FIXED: Hangs if you click Cancel on a login dialog.
FIXED: Issue switching to edit view on Mountain Lion.
FIXED: Can't click reply/reply all/forward buttons in event view when ticket is in it's own window.
FIXED: Loads of other small bugs.

Lang: Englisch
Size: 8 MB
Format: .app
Hoster: Uploaded

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