ThumbsPlus Professional 9.1.0 Build 3938

ThumbsPlus Pro is a complex software tool developed specifically to help individuals view and easily navigate through all photos on your computer, as well as edit them and their metadata, and assign keywords. Version 9 includes access to Facebook photos (your albums and friends' albums), enhancements to Python scripting support, improved image metadata (XMP, EXIF and IPTC) handling, improved client/server database compatibility, performance improvements, and more.

ThumbsPlus is a highly customizable image database with thumbnails and batch editing. It makes it easy to catalog, organize, locate and maintain all of your graphics, multimedia and font files. It runs on Windows XP, 2003, 2008, Vista and Windows 7 and 8. Both 32 and 64-bit operating systems versions are supported.

Cluttered, yet modern UI
The installation process does not last long and does not bring any kind of surprises. Once you wrap it up, you are greeted by a modern and a bit cluttered interface. It consists of a menu bar, several shortcut buttons, and a few panels to let you preview images, display a folder structure, thumbnails and metadata. However, both power and novice users can still find their way around it, as there are also some extensive Help contents you can read when you reach a dead end.

Manage, edit and convert photos
This software tool enables you to upload TPDB8S and MDB databases, and you can also browse the contents of your hard drive, with the help of the built-in tree view. Moreover, you can perform managing actions such as moving or copying items to another location on the hard drive, renaming several of them at a time, assigning them keywords or tags, go to containing directory, copy file name, keywords, thumbnails and image to the Clipboard, e-mail, print or delete them.

When it comes to editing, you can adjust colors, their depth and balance levels, you can invert colors, view histograms, insert stamps and watermarks, photos can be resized, cropped and rotated. Pictures can be acquired from a scanner or camera, in one of the formats supported (BMP, GIF, ICO, JPG, PCX, PNG, RAW, TGA, TIF, WMF etc.) and in a custom location on the hard. Moreover, you can use a search function, view items as a slideshow and quickly convert files from one format to another. Release Notes:
- Fixed several Windows XP compatibility problems, including program hangs and bizarre error message displays.
- Fixed page count in multi-page TIFF files.
- Fixed calculation of total number of files for progress displays.
- Fixed crash with some Olympus Confocal TIFF files.
- Fixed problem generating blank catalog pages and contact sheet images when certain options were selected.
- Picked a bunch of several UI nits.
- Fixed several problems with build 3919 and build 3920, including incompatibility with some OSes and runtime error on startup.
- Fixed missing menu option to export thumbnails to JPEG files in Thumbnail - Export to Jpeg.
- When scanning a tree, the percentage done was not correct.
- Fixed the toolbar Thumbnail - Scan Folder button.
- Added crash information to Subject when emailing a crash report (for ease in tracking specific crashes).
- Column headers were displayed incorrectly in the thumbnail pane when display of thumbnails disabled.
- Fixed problem of display in the file filter drop-down on thumbnail pane.
- Worked around the problem in which Windows tried to load runtime libraries from invalid locations (runtime error R6034 and hanging on startup)
- Fixed problem where the Find function was ignoring the first keyword in the list.
- Fixed problem with Find where searching for similar images did not show any results.
- Fixed problem with pasting images on certain OSes and with Thumbnail - Make from clipboard.
- Fixed the crash in 3926 when dragging files out of the thumbnail view.
- Fixed some cases where the file list wasn't updated after moving or copying files.
- Fixed crash when trying to make a thumbnail with F3 and no files were selected.
- Fixed problem using evaluation version with client/server databases.
- Fixed a problem that could cause crashes or skipped files and folders when recursively processing folder trees, including Print Catalog, Contact Sheets, Web Page Wizard, and in some cases Thumbnail Tree.
- Fixed several compatibility problems when using PostgreSQL and MySQL.
- Improved database speed when using Client/Server databases (SQL Server, PostgreSQL and MySQL).
- Updated Python version to 2.7.3 to eliminate warnings generated by some security software regarding 2.7.2.
- Built executables and DLLs with the latest Visual Studio (2012).
- Fixed strange problems and messages that could occur if the preferences file (Thumb9.ini) was read-only.
- Fixed view window to honor the Show status line setting in Options - Viewing - Appearance.
- Fixed several problems with upgrading database to V8/V9 format (both .td4 and client/server).
- Improved V9 database upgrade process (Database - Advanced - Convert .td4) when an Access database is near capacity, and improved performance of conversion, especially when using the Store thumbnails in files option (which is recommended for large databases).
- Improved error logging and crash handling.
- Fixed tree display of folders containing pound signs (#).
- Vast improvement to speed of removing orphans (Thumbnail - Remove - Orphans).
- Removed button to create folder share as it was not working properly. (Use Windows Explorer instead.)
- Many additional small bug fixes and minor improvements.
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Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.