TextSweep 2.0.0

Easy Batch Search-and-Replace in Text Files

TextSweep is a simple but powerful application for searching and replacing text in multiple files, quickly and easily. Using an elegant,
intuitive interface, TextSweep allows you to select a directory,
specify which files will be modified, enter a search and replace term,
and see the changes instantly.

Why TextSweep?

Faster than opening many files in a text editor and doing individual search/replace operations.
More intuitive than other dedicated search-replace tools that feature an overwhelming variety of options and/or a complex interface.
Less error-prone than using command-line programs to do search/replace operations.
Thorough user documentation via the "Help" menu.
Highlight all search/replace terms in data display.
Safe to use because all replace operations are easily undone.

What's New in Version 2.0
Updated, modern UI with support for Retina displays.
Fullscreen support.
Supports Lion-stye auto- and sudden-termination.
More responsive display of data.

Lang: Englisch
Size: 14 MB
Format: .dmg
Hoster: Uploaded

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