TeamViewer Premium 11.0.55321 Final

TeamViewer - the All-In-One Software for Remote Support and Online Meetings - Remote control any computer or Mac over the internet within seconds or use TeamViewer for online meetings. Find out why more than 200 million users trust TeamViewer! Occasionally, users might need to access their home computer when they are at work, even if it is only to access a few files. Rather than going home, copying the files on a USB flash stick then travelling back to work, one could leave the home PC on and access it using TeamViewer.

Remote access control for beginners and advanced users

This is an intuitive utility that enables users to remotely connect to a computer, view its desktop and operate it as if it was their own. Furthermore, these functions are not limited to professionals alone, as the user-friendly interface also allows beginners to work with it, even if they have not tested a remote utility before.

Fast and simple configuration

Basically, in order to use TeamViewer, the app needs to be installed on both of the computers involved in the connection, and each of them gets a unique ID and password. Whenever users want to gain control of the other computer, they need to input the corresponding ID and password to immediately establish the connection.

In other words, one can set up a remote controller, start a file transfer, or access a VPN, with anyone in the world.

Host meetings and presentations

Another use for this program is setting up a presentation that can be accessed by multiple users simultaneously while granting them "read-only" privileges, so they cannot control anything on the host desktop. Of course, these permissions can be adjusted to give them more control.

Moreover, TeamViewer enables users to create a list of computers to automatically control remotely, manage them and even exchange instant messages or make video or phone calls. Experts are free to dive into the wide range of customization preferences in order to set hotkeys, activate Wake-on-LAN on computers to turn them on without help from the remote user, and so on.

Evaluation and conclusion

It should be noted that the speed and performance of the connection depend on the characteristics of the host computer, i.e. the faster the PC, the more stable the remote connection. Also, it is best to stop all the unnecessary applications in order to allow TeamViewer to use as much RAM as it requires.

To sum it up, TeamViewer comes inhandy when a remote connection is needed, especially considering that it can be used for free (non-commercial).

New in version 11.0.55321
• The insider builds are now active
• Notification bubble is now clickable using touch
• It's now possible to select the TeamViewer ID in the main window with the key combination CTRL+A
• It’s now possible to upgrade a QuickSupport module with session code to a default Host
• In the toolbar 'sign out on remote computer' is now set as default on server systems instead of reboot
• Fixed a bug which caused that the standard file dialog didn't open when trying to export and import the .reg file for the options, save recorded sessions and so on
• Fixed a bug that made the mouse lag when connecting to TeamViewer which ran inside a RDP session
• Fixed a bug that made the text input area in the chat overlay received messages
• Fixed bugs which sometimes caused problems with the states of contacts in the computer & contacts list
• Fixed a bug where the profile picture wasn't displayed in request dialogs
• Fixed some small user interface issues
• Solved some other issues which caused crashes
• Minor improvements and fixes
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