SysTools Backup Backup Tool - Never lose a file again with SysTools Mail Backup Utility. It is a cloud-to-local backup solution use to download a copy of emails, calendars, contacts, & tasks to the local hard-drive / Computer.

Highlighted Features
- Automatically backup all emails of along with attachment file
- Facility to save emails in PST / MSG / EML on local system
- Proficiently takes backup of Tasks, Calendar Items, & Contacts of account
- Email properties such as – Header, Formatting remain unchanged after backup process
- Save Emails with different names on computer using File Naming Convention feature
- Easily download mass volume of data from account to computer
- Option to Split resultant PST with various Size range (Minimum 100 MB)
- Download selective Messages, Calendars, and Tasks using Date Filter Function
- Facility to secure resultant backup file – PST / MSG / EML at any location in local system
- Structured modules of User Interface makes backup process effortless
- Resultant PST backup file supported in all Outlook version

Complete Account Backup
The software helps you to protect Live Mail data by saving a copy of Emails and other data items on the computer hard drive. It can easily deploy on any Windows Operating system without any constraint and efficiently takes backup of mailbox of any size at the designated location without compromising the data quality.

Option of Calendar & Contact Backup
Along with emails downloaded, the user can backup calendars and contacts to the system hard drive. One can effortlessly save a copy of Email AddressBook and Calendar Items (Appointment, Meetings, Important Dates) in PST format on the local PC without any fail. Afterward, use this PST file in any Microsoft Outlook application.

Save Mails in Three Formats
SysTools Mail Backup lets you download important folder(s) data to desired destination automatically in the three most popular file formats. Due to which, one can easily access the backup file in different email clients. Each formats support following email clients -

- PST / MSG: Use in Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003
- EML: Use in Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, WLM, Apple Mail, etc.

Protection From Data Loss
Define the email backup job in the software and rest of the process done automatically. By saving a copy of crucial data on the local system ensure data consistency and protection from data loss situation. One can easily use the resultant PST or EML backup file in the supporting mail client to access the data in the catastrophic disaster.

Preserve Each Mail Component
The software gives you the flexibility to backup emails of every folder along with attachment in the PST or EML file format while keeping the email properties intact. No information of mail is altered by the backup utility. The complete header part always get preserve along with mail formatting and body structure too.

Keep Actual Folder Hierarchy
During the backup process, the software always ensures the actual folder structure integrity. The user will get the exact folder structure in the resultant backup file as it is shown in the account. So, one can get the manageable data instead of a messy one with the help of software.

Download Emails With Different Name
The software provides the facility to backup emails with different file names while saving into EML file format for user ease. It includes multiple file naming combinations – Subject + Date + Time, Subject + Date and so on. It is an astonishing feature that helps users to effortlessly manage the email on the local machine.

Full Control Over Backup
The Backup Software allows you to backup data of your choice. For this, one can need to select the mail folders by checking its corresponding folder. It includes Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items or User-defined folder(s). Afterward, the tool will only download the mail of selected folder in desired file format on the designated on-premise location.

Split Resultant PST File
The Backup tool has an option to split the PST file generated into multiple small sized PST files. This allows the user to divide large PST file into preferred size range in MB or GB. The minimum size required to split the PST file is 100 MB. The user need to install Outlook application on the system to perform the Split PST operation.

Export Data As Per Need
The software has a feature named as Date Filter whose sole aim is to export mails of a particular date range in the selected file format. It requires a set of date in their ‘To’ & ‘From’ box. According to the mentioned timeline, the software will download the mails which were processed within the provided range instead of all the mailbox emails.

Facility of Pause & Resume
To secure the process in the catastrophic disaster such as, loss of internet connection and lots more, the software provides a ‘Pause & Resume’ functionality. With this option, one can stop or halt the live backup process using Pause button at any time and one can resume the stopped process later.

Windows Platform Compatbility Backup utility is compatible in working with all the platform versions of Windows Operating System. In addition, the application smoothly works with Windows OS having 32 and 64-bit processor heads.

System Requirements:
- Win 10 & All Below Windows Versions
- 101.5 MB of free hard disk space
- Minimum 1 GB RAM required
- Intel® Pentium 1 GHz processor(x86,x64) or equivalent
- MS Outlook 2019/2016/2013/2010/2007 Installation is required for Live Mail Data backup in PST file format.

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Download SysTools Backup + Cracked | 20.39 MB
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