Sygic GPS Navigation 12.2.5 & Maps | 6.42 GB

Sygic GPS Navigation - professional application for detailed GPS-car navigation with voice guidance. It includes TomTom maps and a powerful set of navigation features. Maps are updated for free, directly from your ph over WiFi or 3G-connection and are stored on the ph for use without a nerk connection. Program Sygic is trusted by millions of customers around the world.

Added maps (Maps) of Russia, CIS, Germany, Denmark, Holland, France, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Italy, Finland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey + New: Brazil, Argentina, Colombia , Chile, Venezuela, Peru, New Zealand, Australia, England

• Detailed car voice navigation directions with step by step voice control
• Free speed limits, speed cameras and points of interest
• A three-dimensional view of the city and the landscape
• Traffic information in real-time in Europe and Australia (available as a subscription at [url]www.sygic.com[/url] / shop)
• Plan a route with multiple stops
• Transferring data on road accidents and notification in real time
• Visual (LCD) and audible warnings about speed cameras and speed limits
• The function of selecting the bands and the warnings on road signs
• Statistics route and altitude profiles of the new journal Travel Book
• Support for High-Res Display
• Automatic resolution for display
• Multitasking and fast app switching
• Rendering three-dimensional scenes with hardware acceleration
• Connecting to a car audio system via Bluetooth or cable
• Auto rotate the screen image using the accelerometer
• Identification of areas with a compass
• Support for multi-touch control for easy viewing maps
• Intuitive interaction with points of interest
• City guides from premium suppliers from Wikipedia
• Application of friends on a map location
• Provide data for Facebook to geotagged

The archive:
1. Sygic: GPS Navigation 12.2.1 - Map of Russia
2. Sygic: GPS Navigation 12.2.1 + Card CIS
- Ukraine
- Estonia
- Latvia
- Kazakhstan
- Belarus
- Lithuania
- Azerbaijan

3. Sygic: GPS Navigation 12.2.1 + Maps Holland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany
4. Sygic: GPS Navigation 12.2.1 + Maps Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece
5. Sygic: GPS Navigation 12.2.1 + Maps France, Portugal, Italy, Belgium
6. Sygic: GPS Navigation 12.2.1 + Maps Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark

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