SuperTab 1.0

Welcome to SuperTab, quite literally the easi-est, flexibl-ist, powerful-ist way to access your files, folders, apps, projects, pix, sites, sounds and all the other things you use your Mac for.
SuperTab began with a simple premise: Make your Mac's "Command-Tab" Application Switcher more than just a switcher. And that's just what we did. We made it much more. In fact, we Supercharged the Tab Key!
SuperTab extends the Mac’s built-in Command-Tab Application Switcher. Before SuperTab, the App Switcher only gave Mac users access to their currently active apps. With SuperTab installed, users now have access to a whole lot more when pressing Command-Tab, such as:

Active Apps
Recent Apps
Recent Documents
Dock Items
Labeled or Tagged Items
Finder Sidebar Items
Folder Contents
Application Windows
Web Sites

Lang: Englisch
Size: 10,5 MB
Format: .dmg
Hoster: Uploaded

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