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Multiplicity is a new and useful program that lets you control multiple computers with a single keyboard and mouse.

If you've used a PC with multiple monitor then you can imagine how Multiplicity works. Each monitor is connected to your PC. When the user moves the mouse over a given monitor, the user controls the PC.

It is ideal for power users , engineers , graphic designers, gamers, or anyone else who has seen the benefit of multiple monitors but wants all the power of multiple computers to work together seamlessly. Multiplicity Pro even lets you copy and paste folders and files between machines.


Increase your productivity considerably
Easy to use interface . Your machine will work together in minutes
Copy and paste images and text between PCs without problems
Ideal for graphic designers, 3D animators , developers and other professionals who want or need the resources of several computers at his disposal but want to work with them as if they were a single unit
It is also useful for players (especially MMORPG ) that want to keep an eye on other things on a monitor while the game is running on another without any slowdown (or control two characters at once )
It's great for users with a desktop PC and a laptop that want to control from a single keyboard and mouse
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