Stardock CursorFX Plus 2.16

CursorFX is a very easy to use Windows application that allows you to change the default mouse cursor of the operating system with new and more attractive designs. Although it's supposed to change a feature of the operating system, CursorFX does the whole job pretty well, so you're on the safe side all the time, even without a backup. The worst that could happen is a package to fail to load, in which case you end up with the standard cursor included in Windows.

CursorFX boasts a pretty eye-candy interface, with features nicely organized in the main window and letting you browse all menus quickly. You thus get “My Cursors”, “Effects”, “Trails”, “Sounds”, “More Cursors” and “Settings”. Of course, “My Cursors” is the screen that lets you pick a new cursor and CursorFX comes with multiple built-in packages. It's enough to double click any of them or hit the “Apply” button at the bottom of the main window to enable it.

The “Effects” window lets you configure effects for a number of events, such as left button down, left button double-click or right button up. While “Trails” and the rest of the options come with self-explanatory names, it's very important to have a look in “Settings” because it lets you customize the cursor even more.

You can adjust hue, brightness, contrast, opacity and size, configure shadow and movement smoothness. Obviously, if none of the packages included in the standard package doesn't fit your taste, you can always go online and download new cursors. All in all, CursorFX is quite a nice application and it runs on low resources, which is quite important given that it's supposed to run all the time. Plus, it's very easy to use and doesn't assault the user with too many configuration options.

Key Features

Cursors with unlimited size.
Fully anti-aliased cursors.
Fully 32-bit alpha blended cursors.
Animations and scripts.
Cursors with normal and pressed states.
Full featured theme editor.
Full featured graphic control panel.
Fully configurable soft shadow.

Whats New:
We released the v2.16 update for CursorFX which address a few issues that were reported by users.

In this update:

Fix for MS Office 365 right click menu not working when CursorFX is enabled
Fix for Firefox / Thunderbird where CursorFX prohibited access to menu items
Fix for invisible cursor after changing themes
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