SDL Trados Studio 2011 Professional SP2 10.2.3001.0 x86 | 760 MB
+ SDL MultiTerm Desktop 2011 SP2
+ SDL MultiTerm Extract 2011 SP2

The system of SDL Trados Studio 2011 Professional is designed to perform translation tasks in companies with their own translation department and allows you to organize a coherent group of translators with a single memory transfers within a local nerk. This system includes a powerful technology Translation Memory (TM), which allows not to translate the same sentence, and is a unified environment that meets all the requirements in the translation, testing and project management.

Developer: SDL Trados
Compatible with Windows Vista: complete
Compatible with Windows 7: complete
Language: English
Medicine: Present
System requirements:

Having bought SDL Trados Studio 2011, you can greatly increase productivity and optimize efficiency at all stages of the translation! Key features SDL Trados Studio 2011 Professional:
A new level of performance SDL Trados
- RevleX - Translation Memory new platform based on XML. Can significantly reduce the time translation by exploring several Translation Memory and features such as Context Match and AutoPropagation:
- Context Match - defines the location of the segment in the document and its context. Used to optimize the substitution of 100% matches from Translation Memory and improve the quality of translation.
- AutoPropagation - using this function is automatically translated into all repeated segments, which also increases speed.
- Search function for several Translation Memory maximizes the possibility of using existing content.
Auto Suggest feature offers intelligent convergence within the segment directly in the text. Real-time Preview - Preview in real time allows you to view the document in final format at the time of the transfer. Not containing tags editing environment allows the interpreter to focus on the translation process. Enhanced search inexact matches in the database Translation Memory - Concordance: Now searching in segments can be performed on both the source and target language. QuickPlace - simplified transfer formatting tags and other elements of the original text. Filter, which provides the opportunity to work with files PDF. Expanding the list of supported formats including XML, Adobe FrameMaker and InDesign.
Integration of SDL Trados
Added function embedded in the panel PROMT FireFox3.
A single integrated environment for translation, editing, and project management. Means setting new interface allows you to change it to suit individual requirements.
Open Platform
The use of open industry standards makes it easy file sharing, translation memory (Translation Memory) and terminology databases. Implemented support for XLIFF (cross-platform file format for translation), TMX (Translation database exchange format) and TBX (terminology database exchange format).

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