Roxio Creator NXT Pro 2013

Roxio Creator NXT is a powerful video editing software suite that enables you to become a moviemaker without having to move to Hollywood. Arming you with a multitude of editing tools and integrated audio and graphic programs, Roxio Creator NXT allows you to create beautiful, professional looking movies in 2D or 3D. Compatible with almost every video format, Roxio Creator NXT makes it easy for you to import your files, edit them and export your finished movie to most modern platforms such as Blu-ray and DVD, as well as files that will play on tablets, iPod, iPad and Android devices.

Creator NXT uses its versatile VideoWave program for video editing. In this program, you trim your videos to the length you desire, edit the brightness, contrast and color parameters, fix shaky footage and even reduce or increase the speed of the clip. Then you can choose to add one or more of the 246 transitions between clips or use over 180 text and video effects to add production value to your movie. Prominent features in VideoWave are the Timeline and the Storyboard modes. Storyboard allows video editors to easily insert transitions between scenes, and it is perfect for making a slideshow. Timeline lets you adjust your clip lengths and view your whole project. Shifting between these two modes is seamless and makes it easy to arrange your clips, transitions and effects without worry.

Turn your photo into a painting
Corel™ Paint it™ turns your photos into beautiful paintings in just three easy steps. Transform your favorite photo memories into unique, hand-painted works of art.

Create dramatic images with HDR tools
Use HDR Express™ from Unified Color to create intense photographs with impressive visual contrast. Enjoy stunning imagery with vibrant, true and beautiful colors.

HDR Preferences and Tips
Explore advanced preferences and settings in HDR Express. Set different output preferences, create, edit, import and export custom presets as well as general preferences and histogram functionality.

Amazing Video Effects
Spice up your videos with 14 amazing video effects found in nature and beyond: fire, fog, rainfall, snow storm, smoke, fireworks, fairy dust, aged film, skew, newsprint, and more.

Remove unwanted noise & enhance audio
iZotope Music and Speech Cleaner easily removes unwanted noise from LPs, cassettes, video recorded on your camcorder, cell phone or camera. Experience increased audio clarity and enhanced sound!

Create Custom Soundtracks
Use SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 5 to turn library music into a custom music score for your slideshows and video productions. Move the beats of the music to match the events in your video

Mood mapping
Mood Mapping gives you access to up to 9 separate instrument layers. Open with Drum and Bass, Duck for Dialog and close with a Full Mix for the action sequence.

NEW! Emotional Depth royalty free music
Featuring rich, live instrumentation, this uplifting and hopeful dramatic music will add positive emotion to your strong characters and support scenes of a passion for life or pastoral beauty.

Roxio Creator NXT Pro 2013
Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.
Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.