Romantic Photo v2.03 (Mac OS X) | 9.39 MB

Romantic Photo creates a romantic mood or setting automatically from any picture. Using exquisite lighting and design, your photos will look like they were taken using the highest professional techniques & filters. Romantic Photo gives you 30+ combinations of award-winning photography-style effect filters. With just one click this time saving app will give the look and feel of a romantic picture, at the same time allowing user’s creative freedom to produce pictures that are truly unique.

Built with power to produce high resolution images this app applies only the most sophisticated photo filters to your images. Romantic Photo quickly and easily creates compelling photos for graphic artists, photographers, & hobbyist who rely on a high quality end result.

Loads of Presets to get you started fast
Supports Hi-Res Images
Create Custom Presets
Quick efficeint, and very user friendly
Easy-to-use Sliders
Undo and Redo

• Captured Moments – Levels out shadows and light then creates mood with tone.
• Day Dream – Enhances softness in light areas and deepens shadows in dark one for a day lit and dreamy feel.
• Dreamy Photo – Renders a dream-like quality to the image.
• Golden Memories – Combines softness with dreamy tone for a timeless quality.
• Heavenly Photo – Renders a dark dreamy black and white effect to the image.
• Heavenly Detail – Renders a soft black and white effect to the image.
• Romantic Red – Uses a selective colorization process to spotlight a chosen color.
• Romantic Scene – Renders a dark romantic feel to the image.
• Soft Touch – Combines softness with a touch of light for a soft feel.
• Warm Glow – Adds a light glow then combines it with warm tones for atmosphere.

Mac: OSX 10.6.6+

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