Raxco PerfectDisk Professional / Server 12.5 Build 312 HF10

Raxco Software, the leader in disk defragmentation, now provides the power of enterprise defragmentation for desktop and laptop users with PerfectDisk. PerfectDisk's easy to use interface and powerful defrag engine were designed for users who do not require the capabilities of nerk defragmentation and advanced features for the enterprise. PerfectDisk is a software that helps you to defrag disks. If you want to optimize your computer to run faster and perform better so you can do more – whether work or surfing the Web – and don't run in a nerked environment like many companies, then PerfectDisk is for you.

Key features:
• Patented SMARTPlacement™ Optimization
• Space Restoration Technology
• Single-pass File and Free Space Defragmentation
• Complete Automation
• Minimal Free Space Requirement
• Complete NTFS Metadata File Defragmentation
• Optimized Master File Table (MFT) Placement
• Selected Files Defrag
• CPU and I/O Throttling
• User-defined thresholds
• Full Active Directory Integration
• Optional GUI-less Installation
• Full-featured Command Line Interface
• Low System Resource Usage
• Automatic Shutdown After Defrag
• Defragments directories, pagefile and hibernate file
• Improved performance
• Smart automatic StealthPatrol
• Complete space management reports
• Faster Free Space Consolidation
• Enhanced AutoPilot Scheduling
• Unattended automatic scheduling for virtual machines
• Complete defragmentation of all system files and NTFS metadata on virtual drives
• Enhanced user interface

Changes in 12.5 Build 312:
PefectDisk is now compatible with Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012.
Consistent handling of SSD drives, Flash and USB removable drives in accordance with the selected global settings.
Fixed handling of missed schedules when the computer is in sleep or hibernation mode.
Blocked drivers list has been updated.
Fixed compatibility issues with SoftPerfect RamDisk software.
Improved GUI responsiveness and CPU usage.
Fixed occasional system lock-ups in OptiWrite driver and its compatibility with ESET Antivirus software.
Fixed occasional hanging during volume defragmentation.
Fixed crashes occurring during unattended schedule runs.
Eliminated excessive running instances of update check executable.
Improved PD log display.
More detailed display of support info.
Multiple GUI fixes in PefectDisk connected to a remote computer.
Fixed errors in vSphere virtual guest on non English versions of Windows.
Several fixes related to deployment of configuration settings to the PerfectDisk computer.
Fixed several issues with storage of volume statistics in the PerfectDisk database.
This hotfix will only apply if the following conditions are met:
- Windows version is an RTM release of 8.1 or Server 2012R2 (6.3 Build 9600). Preview builds of Windows 8.1/Server 2012 are NOT supported.
- PerfectDisk 12.5 Build 312 is currently installed. This hotfix will NOT install PerfectDisk 12.5
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Raxco PerfectDisk Server 12.5 Build 312 HF10 Final + Keygen-BRD : 40.44 MB
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