ProjectSam - Symphobia 2 v1.3.3 UPDATE KONTAKT | 4.12GB
TEAM AKADEMiC | Sept 2012 | Orginal PACK + Update = 18.28 GB + 4.12 GB

SYMPHOBIA 2 update 1.3 adds a massive 7 GB (uncompressed sample format) to an already stellar sample collection, offering loads of additional samples, new features and a completely overhauled interface.

An additional dynamic layer has been added to four of the popular Legato Ensembles. This means that you now have multi-dynamic, expressive mod-wheel control for instruments such as the Celli Doublebasses in Octaves and the Horns Violins Violas in Unison.

10 New inspiring Multis are available covering various styles and genres. Some examples are Close the Gates, Femme Fatale, Sniper Mission and Transcending Monks.

A whole list of new features and functionality is available: a new Horns Trombones instrument with "cliffhanger clusters", an informative color-coded Kontakt keyboard, the ability to control release trail volume and length, legato overlap time and curve, reset round robin cycles and much more.

Additional dynamic layer for Hn Tbn in unis legato ensemble
Additional dynamic layer for Vcl Db in Oct legato ensemble
Additional dynamic layer for Vlns in Oct legato ensemble
Additional dynamic layer for Hn Vln Vla in unis legato ensemble (using Hn Tbn forte layer)
New Horns with Trombones Instrument with "cliffhanger clusters" and DXF octaves
10 New Multis

Completely rewritten script for all instruments offering improved stability and speed
Ability to control Release Trail volume per keyswitch
Ability to control Release Trail length per keyswitch
Ability to control overlap time and curve for Legatos
Ability to enable/disable lowpass filter for soft Legato dynamics
Ability to reset/bypass round robin cycle with default piano key A6 (shown in yellow on keyboard)
Release Trail memory for Legatos (reverb trails won't cut off when playing faster notes)
Only relevant controls for selected keyswitch are displayed
Active keyswitch shown in green on Kontakt on-screen keyboard
Keyboard coloring for Multis (showing you where instrument ranges start and stop)
More consistent keyswitch start position (C6 for almost all instruments)
Improved instrument and keyswitch naming, grouping and order
Better on-screen explanatory texts for selected keyswitch
More control over DSP effects from interface (each effect can now be controlled individually)
All Legatos now controlled by modwheel (instead of velocity)
Interface now shows library version number for user reference
Updated interface graphics

Symphobian Drums, bonus bass drum and snare drum samples added to Full Orchestrator
Full Orchestrator range has been extended
Ranges of various Legato Ensembles have been slightly extended
Other various instrument-specific improvements

Read Carefully: Updating to Symphobia 2 133 PDF
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ProjectSam - Symphobia 2 v1.3.3 UPDATE KONTAKT
ProjectSam - Symphobia 2 (Orginal PACK)