Popup Card Studio 1.1.0

Create Unique Popup Cards in Minutes.Not hours! Bring your cards in to the 3rd dimension! Create popup cards and origamic architecture (otherwise known as Kirigami) in no time. With Popup Card Studio you will be able to create and edit in three dimensions allowing you to get a visual representation of your project that is as close to life as possible.

Popup Card Studio will allow you to export in SVG, PDF and 3DS formats along with sending directly to your cutting machine (such as the KNK Zing). There are so many editing features that you will be able to do most or even all your work right inside Popup Card Studio.

Please Note: Make The Cut! is not required in order to use this software! It is only needed if you would like to cut directly to your cutting machine instead of exporting to SVG or PDF, first.

Simple, Yet Powerful
We took all the best features of Make The Cut! and added them to Popup Card Studio. Split, Layer, Join, Weld, Boolean Join, etc. are all there making it a familiar interface.

Works With Make The Cut! and Inkscape
If you have Make The Cut! and/or Inkscape installed, you can copy and paste SVG data to and from it.

Send Directly To Your Cutting Machine
If you have Make The Cut! installed with the plug-in to your machine, Popup Card Studio will allow you to send the cutting data directly to your machine

Export To SVG and PDF
Popup Card Studio exports rendered templates to vector format allowing you to import them in to your favorite vector editing software such as Inkscape, Illustrator or Make The Cut!

Full Printer Support
You can print directly to your printer (mirrored or otherwise) with your lines color coded based on fold or cut

Mountain, Valley and Hinge Lines
Popup Card Studio separates three specific fold lines from the cut lines. You can specify how fold lines look as well as how the cut lines work

One Piece Of Paper Is All You'll Need
All cards created with Popup Card Studio will only need one piece of paper. No gluing, either. Simply design, cut then fold!

Import SVG Files
It's fun to see a two dimensional graphic turn in to a three dimensional object. You can import all your SVG vector graphics. Retains layers and colors as well

Work In Three Dimensions
Popup Card Studio allows you to work in three dimensions giving you full control of how layers should work... even with transparency

Watch How It Folds
Popup Card Studio allows you to fold the card from 1 degree up to 179 degrees. You can also work on the card when it's folded at any degree

Virtual Snapshot
Powered by POV-Ray, Virtual Snapshot gives you the power of ray-tracing without the complication. This feature will allow you to see what your card will look like in real life without having to cut it out first

Customizable Interface
Popup Card Studio's interface is customizable. You can move toolbars where you need them and even change the color of the interface

A User-Contributed Online Gallery
Coming Soon: As soon as we have enough user-contributed SVGs and Cards, we will allow all users to download and use them in their own projects

Powered by OpenGL
Popup Card Studio is powered by the industry standard OpenGL. A majority of video cards, old and new, will be able to handle OpenGL without driver updates

Created By Crafters
Popup Card Studio was created by crafters. Just like you, we are do-it-yourself kind of people. We have been heavily involved in the crafting industry for the past 4 years. We understand how crafters think and how they work

System Requirements:
Make The Cut! is not required.
Microsoft™ Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
A mouse with at least left and right click capabilities. A mouse wheel is recommended.
Vertical screen resolution of atleast 768 pixels.
Video card capable of rendering OpenGL 1.1

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Download Popup Card Studio 1.1.0 + Key | 2.42 MB
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