Phototheca Pro

This photo management software makes it easy to view, sort, organize and share thousands of digital photos and videos. Import from cameras, memory cards, hard drives, network shares, iOS devices. Tag photos and videos with keywords, arrange into albums, remove duplicates, upload to Web.

Your life - In pictures
Phototheca gives you the most convenient tool-set to organize and structure your photos. Have thousands of photos and want to bring them in order? It's easy - create and populate Events, Albums and Smart Albums.
Tag your photos with keywords, friends and places where your photos were taken. Filter by camera model or date. Correct wrong time stamps on photos if the camera had the wrong date setup. Build your own photo library, refined and transparent, structured the way you like.

You and your photos only
No distracting panels or windows when viewing your photos in Full-screen mode, along with possibilities to adjust background colors to fit your light conditions or personal preferences. Change the size of thumbnails with a slider to view more or bigger thumbnails; adjust the height of the photo stripe when viewing a single photo. Launch instant search for photos by keywords with the Keywords panel. Travel in time across your photo-library with amazing Calendar and Timeline features.

Even more precision control
How often do you end up having multiple copies of the same photos in different folders on your disk, no longer being sure where things are? Let Phototheca detect duplicates for you! Just import all your folders containing photos, and if duplicates exist, the duplicated item will appear in the Library so that you can check what photos are duplicated and where the copies are located.

Keywords and metadata
Phototheca gives comprehensive toolbox to work with keywords of images. View, search, change and delete keywords with a confusion-free interface. Correct wrong time-stamps of photos, change descriptions and rate photos.

Whats new in Phototheca

• Overall look and feel of Phototheca is improved
• Better support for high-DPI displays and Surface tablets
• Better integration with Windows 10
• Share photos to any target on Windows 10
• Feature to share to Facebook is back on Windows 10
• Feature to upload images to Google Photos is fixed
• Send by email feature supports more mail clients: GMail, Outlook, Win 10 Mail app
• It's possible to resize images when send by email
• It's possible to resize images on export
• Instant search can perform a search by a weekday's name
• Library tree now shows small album covers instead of icons
• It's possible to assign a cover image for any folder
• Added built-in smart albums for media types(HDR, panorama, portrait, video) that come from iOS devices
• Feature to show badges of media type on HDR and portraits thumbnails
• Better support for latest RAW formats, including Panasonic RW2 format
• Added support for raising HEIC\HEIF formats (new photo formats on Apple devices) on Windows 10
• Read XMP sidecar files of RAW photos to get keywords and descriptions into Phototheca
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