Office Professional Plus 2013 (x64) Final MSDN + Activator | 935 MB

Dubbed Office 2013, the new flavor of the application comes with a new, intuitive design, which has been developed to work great with touch, stylus, and mouse and keyboard.The new Office 2013 was announced with support for Microsoft Windows platform, and can be used on a variety of devices, including tablet PCs.

MD5: D8A4D049DC38C83CCCECCC3263703D99
CRC: 5A73B54D

Activating Windows:

- Run the command file KMSmicro 0-0-KMSmicro-normal.cmd
- Synchronize time KMSmicro
- If Windows is already GVLK, run as administrator command file: 1-1-Activate Windows.cmd
- If Windows is not installed in GVLK: Run as Administrator command file 1-2-Activation Helper v3.cmd

Activation of Office 2010-2013:

Initial installation Office. If you just put the Office:
1.Start KMSmicro
2.Import the registry required data. Double-click on the file:
a. Office2010-Localhost.reg
if you install Office 2010;

b. Office2013-Win7-Localhost.reg
when you install Office 2013 on Windows 7;

c. Office2013-Win8-Localhost.reg
when you install Office 2013 on Windows 8.
3.Install Office | Visio | Project.
4.Run the application and check the status of activation. If you suddenly see that require activation, Close the application, wait 1-2 minutes and check the status of the activation again. Rarely, but it happen. Usually the product is activated immediately after installation.
If the product is still not activated, go to the next section.
Activation installed Office. If you want to activate the already installed Office (make reactivation):

Start KMSmicro

Run as administrator is of the batch file:

a. 2-1-Office 2010 Activate.cmd
if you are installing Office 2010-x32 on Windows-x32 or Office 2010-x64 on Windows-x64;
b. 2-2-Office 2010-x32 Win-x64 Activate.cmd
if you are installing Office 2010-x32 on Windows-x64;
c. 3-1-Office 2013 Activate.cmd
when you install Office 2013-x32 on Windows-x32 or Office 2013-x64 on Windows-x64;
d. 3-2-Office 2013-x32 Win-x64 Activate.cmd
if you are installing Office 2010-x32 on Windows-x64.
Details in the comic! ReadMe.pdf. Known ochepyatka in! ReadMe:
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