Objective-Clean 1.5.1

Help us build a standard for writing clean Objective-C!

Objective-Clean is a tool that helps you apply coding standards in
Xcode so you can write clean Objective-C.

By taking our survey at objclean.com you can voice your opinion
about the way coding standards should be, back it up with
StackOverflow credibility, or just apply your own rules the way
you want them to your projects.

How you use our tool is completely up to you. If you find that it
doesn't support rules that you want added, send us an email!
We want to make this a robust solution for everyone.

What's New in Version 1.5.1
- Better support for negative operator next to & and | operators.
- Improved support for lines with multiple = signs.
- Better accuracy for math within block calls.
- Support for pointer references in the return statement.
- A new survey question! "Should single-line if statements be allowed?' Be sure and update your StyleSettings.plist.

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Size: 3 MB
Format: .app
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