MSTech Folder Icon Pro

MSTech Folder Icon is the most complete and the best Folder Icon tool that gives you everything you need to create unlimited amazing folder icons and assign them to any folder in the easiest way. This is an efficient and user-friendly piece of software developed to offer you the means of customizing the looks of your directories' icons, enabling you to work with a wide array of images and colors. In fact, it is a real Folder Icon Factory, gives you various type of options that make you able to create unlimited folder icons and use suitable icons for your windows folders.

Clean-cut and approachable appearance
Straightforward featuring an intuitive interface make the application quite simple to handle, meaning that it gives a chance even to the less experienced individuals.

Swiftly customize your Folders icon with image-coded and color-coded folder icons for easier browsing.
You can browse between the available color packs and icon packs, being able to choose the one you prefer for your folder, enabling you to first, preview it to see if you like how it looks, then Apply it with a single button press.

Why MSTech Folder Icon Pro?
Why it is the number one and the best "folder icon creator and changer" software and what is the advantages?
It is an attractive and appealing utility whose aim is to assist you in personalizing, categorizing and organizing your system's directory icons, by assigning them better suited fantastic folder icons and making them easier to distinguish.

Windows Shell Integration (Advanced Right Click Menu)
You will be able to have up to 3 more packs as the MSTech Folder Icon sub-menus on the Windows Context Menu beside the main favorite icons' list.

Icon Library (MSTech Icon Packs)
It comes with free icon packs both for basic and pro edition. Also, there are more custom packs designed for Pro edition, which can be downloaded and added to the Library from the website.

Windows Shell Menu Settings
Also, you can customize the Windows Shell menu and use any other Icon Pack you added to the library based on your taste and idea. You can have a main pack, which will be available at the main drop-down menu and three extra packs as sub-menus. You can have access to at list 60 icons just by a single click.

Windows Default Icons
Along with all icon packs you have in the library, the software also loads the windows default icons based on the installed OS version on your computer, which it means you can change your folder icon through the software using windows default icons.

Creating Icon Packs
Furthermore, not even you have access to a huge amount of Icon Packs (here), but also it allows you to create your own icon packs, using any other resources beside the icon files, such as images, executable files or library (*.dll) files.

Support Common Image Formats
Beside all the options said before, you can apply any image to a folder icon, by selecting the predefined folder icon (templates) or any custom folder icon

Apply Any Text/Image on Your Icon
You can apply any text/image to a folder icon, by selecting the predefined folder icon (templates) or any custom folder icon

Access to Other Resources
MSTech Folder Icon Pro can load icons from any executable (*.exe), library (*.dll) or icon library (*.icl) file and you can assign them to any folder easily.

Windows Default Icons
As Windows allows the user to use any custom icon as "Computer", "Folder" and etc..., also it needs advanced level techniques to create and adjust the icon, but it simply can be done using MSTech Folder Icon.
1- My Computer (Computer / This PC)
2- Default Folder Icon
3- Recycle Bin Icons (Full / Empty)

Folder Backgrounds
By default windows lacks the ability to set or change the folder background, with Folder Icon you can set or remove any folders' background in 2 clicks using any image file.

Save your money, you won't need to pay for Professional icon packs anymore, MSTech has surprises and gifts with amazing free icon packs for you. Our graphic team designs and releases amazing ready icon packs once in a while, and you can download them from our website, them to the software library and then use them free of charges.

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