Mp4Gain 2017 v119

Mp4Gain2017 Most Powerfull Normalizer and Video converter, Audio converter. Video Converter, Audio Converter, Best Audio and Video Normalizer. You can Normalize and convert at the same time or even extract the audio from any video to many audio formats (mp3, m4a, etc) and normalize it at the same time! You can even "finetune" the normalization, checking the mean dB and Max dB or original and converted file and set wich dB do you want to manage!

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Mp4Gain 2017 can convert and/or extract from video to audio (converting mp4 to mp3 or m4a per example) and convert video to video or audio to audio, from one format to a different one or to the original format! In a very easy way, using all the POWERFULL features of this new version of Mp4Gain 2017!
You can fine tune the percent of normalization and/or the dB that you want the Replay Gain to use (if you want to use Replay Gain).
All this makes Mp4Gain 2017 THE BEST AUDIO & VIDEO NORMALIZER and the BEST AUDIO & VIDEO CONVERTER of 2017.

Mp4Gain 2017 is the most efficient normalizer that has been developed in the last years. On the one hand offers the possibility of extracting music from a video, being able to convert mp3, m4a, flac and other formats, the audio of any video. This being very practical to convert music videos of Youtube into music files, this at the same time that normalizes this audio. Another option is to convert music files from one format to another, preserving even most of their tags and, of course, normalizing the audio level at the same time.

It is also possible to convert videos from one format to another, at the same time that the audio volume is normalized.

Of course, for all these options, other functions are available:
-Modify the pitch without changing the tempo or vice versa.
-Add Replay Gain, adjusting at will the dB by which it normalized.

That is, Mp4Gain 2017 is a very complete program, without doubt the best in the market. Download it and enjoy its unique capabilities.

Mp4Gain handles this formats:
Audio: MP3, MP2, AAC, AC3, FLAC, OGG, WAV, M4a

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