Movavi Screen Capture 4.3.2

Record screencasts, online video, and games. Record screen video: don't miss a single pixel!

No matter what your purpose of using a screen video recorder – creating video tutorials, preparing a college project, recording a video call from your distant friend, or documenting software bugs – Movavi's 60-frames-per-second and flexible options will record all screen activity in ultra-high quality.

Capture the Web: live streams, video calls, and more
Let Movavi Screen Capture be your On Demand service and record any of web events you don't want to miss. Enjoy streaming screencasts at your convenience. Record video calls with friends and relatives and add to your collection of video memories. The support for Intel Quick Sync Video technology enables you to capture online clips and games even more smoothly and quickly on an Intel Core-based PC.

Customize settings. Choose output formats
Enhanced settings let you record any specific screen area, including full screen mode. Choose the compression quality and output format: avi, mp4, flv, DVD, HD, and more. You can even record the entire screen at a lower resolution to reduce the size of the video file.

Capture audio. Grab screenshots
Screencasts shouldn't be silent. Capture the music from Battlefield 3, or The Sims, or even a live concert stream. Record voiceover while capturing video or convert the whole recording to audio format. Take quick screenshots with a single click – no more copying and pasting images to another app!

Record video games at full screen
A perfect game recorder doesn't let freezes, slowdowns or choppy pixels spoil the blow-by-blow record of your epic battle in Call of Duty, WOW, Batman: Arkham City or Skyrim. Just press a hot key and Movavi Screen Capture will start capturing your virtual adventures in stunning detail.

Share recordings online. Export to multiple devices
Once recorded, your screencast can be converted to any media format, including those specifically for your mobile devices. Choose one of the ready-made presets and upload your video to YouTube, burn to DVD or copy to your player, tablet or phone. The possibilities are endless!

More Features:
- You can select a specific mode for any type of recording — the program will change all the settings as appropriate for your choice:
- This is the default mode for recording your computer's desktop and regular activity on your screen. You can use it for capturing web surfing, applications, or software bugs.
- When watching a live streamed event (a concert, or a sport match) or short videos on YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, or other sites select this mode to record them. Screen Capture supports Intel Quick Sync Video technology enabling you to record online video without putting extra load on your Intel Core processor for post conversion.
- Once you've chosen the Game mode, the program is visible only in the system tray, so you can use hotkeys. As a game recorder, Screen Capture 3 allows you to record the entire screen with the highest quality to make game recordings of The Sims or Fallout as smooth as possible.
- All settings are customizable, so you can configure everything just the way you want.
- You can select one of the several standard and widescreen resolution presets, as well as the full screen mode or resize and remove the frame borders either with the mouse or by setting the exact height and width values. You can also click anywhere on the screen and let the program detect the region automatically.
- The compression rate influences the video quality as well. For maximum quality, select a low compression rate.
- If you want smooth recordings without any slowdowns, you should set a high frame rate (frames per second), but be aware that this will lead to large output files. The higher the frame rate, the larger the file. A slower frame rate is fine if a smooth flow of images is not so important — for example for regular screen recording or video calls.
- If you don't need much details on your recording, but want it to be smoother, make the output frame size 2 or 4 times smaller than the captured area resolution. It will lead to better system performance and higher quality.
- If you prefer to use hot keys instead of clicking buttons, Movavi Screen Capture lets you set your own hot keys to start, pause, resume and stop recording in a single step.
- The silent film era ended long ago so there are no reasons to leave your screencasts without audio track. Record the program's sounds or your own voice while you're capturing the screens. Movavi Screen Capture supports audio capture from in-line sources as well as microphones.
- Apply visual and sound effects to cursor movements. Depending on the task, the cursor may be a distraction or play an important role in your screen captures, so you can choose to hide the cursor while capturing or highlight it by applying a special effect. You can even add a ‘click' sound effect to each cursor action for added emphasis.
- The Windows Print Screen feature with additional tweaks in Microsoft Paint might be fine if you are a once-in-a-blue-moon screenshot-taker. If you need to capture screens frequently, snapshots can quickly become a burden. Movavi Screen Capture makes screenshot capture fast and easy — whether full screen, window, or screen area.
- Once recorded, your video tutorial, web event, or whatever can be converted to any video or even audio format you want: avi, mpeg, mp4, wmv, mkv, flv, mov, mp3, wav, and more.
- Simply choose one of the multiple presets to prepare the video for burning to DVD or copying to your portable device, including iPhone, iPod, and iPad, Android smartphones, cellphones, media players, Sony PSP, and other devices.
- Press ‘Share' and Screen Capture will prepare your video for uploading to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or S3. Be aware that some sites have restrictions on the length of video clips that can be uploaded. Click the Share button, choose the website, set your preferences, and start uploading.

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