Turn Photos into Art ? Blur Images. Usually, we hate it when pictures turn out blurry ? and any photo editor can fix that ? but it takes a dedicated tool to make blurred images ADD to the quality of an image. Movavi Photo Focus lets you use photo blur as a creative way to tell amazing visual stories!

Creative Blur Effects
- Blur images to convey feelings
- Make stunning miniatures
- Blur any parts of photos you wish

Photo Blur Adds Atmosphere
Blur out distractions and add sparkle to make your pics more evocative

The World is Your Toy Box
Apply tilt-shift to panoramic shots to make them look like miniatures

Emphasize What?s Important
Make things stand out by keeping them in focus

Bokeh Your Background
Choose from a variety of bokeh blur types: classic, hearts, stars, and triangles

Keep It in Motion
Add dynamics to your shots with motion blur

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