MOBILedit Phone Copier Express

Professional tool for phone content transfer. Easily transfer, backup or restore contacts, messages, photos, videos, calendar, notes, tasks, applications and settings between phones. The majority of phones ever manufactured is supported. Easy transfers between phones
Whether you are upgrading or switching phone manufacturers, Phone Copier Express will make the move simple. With Phone Copier Express, you can transfer your phone content to another device. Just select the type of data you want to keep, click, and copy. Copy contacts, messages, calendar, photos, music, apps and documents. Everything will be intelligently placed into the appropriate folders of your new phone.

Cross-platform transfer solution
Whether you are switching models or brands, take your important content with you. With Phone Copier, simply connect both phones to the USB port via cable. Automatic detection will recognize both phones within seconds. Phone Copier Express identifies what content can be transferred based on the make and model of your phones. Its intelligence makes sure you take the most content possible to your new phone.

Transfers all possible data
Easily transfer contacts, messages, photos, videos , calendar, notes, tasks, applications and settings between phones. The majority of phones ever manufactured is supported, no matter if it is Android, iPhone, Motorola, Nokia, Siemens, Sony-Ericsson, LG, Symbian, MeeGo, Windows Phone, Windows CE, Bada or anything else. We go to the edge of technological possibilities, so if you meet any limitations in our software, it is most likely because it isn’t possible to copy the data between the particular phones.

Professional software for everyone
You too can utilize our professional software for your business or at home to easily move data from phone to phone. Our data extraction technology and understanding of hundreds of different protocols is what has led the US Military, FBI, CIA, IRS and police departments in over 75 different countries to rely on our expertise.

Easy to connect a phone
There are certain requirements to connect a phone to a Windows computer, but there is no need to be a phone expert. Phone is most often detected automatically for immediate connection, and if not, we will provide you with simple instructions for proper phone connection. You can also download the necessary device drivers to successfully connect the phone to Windows.

Transfer your phone content at home
Would you trust your data in someone else's hands? Many mobile stores use unsecure methods and tools to copy your data. So why let them see your data? Phone Copier allows you to transfer anytime, anywhere, so you can skip that trip to the service provider. Huge amounts of data transferred can be too time consuming for stores, but no problem for home.

Transfers are completely encrypted
Customers can trust the process. Transfers are direct and secure. No readable data is stored locally in a computer; during the transfer everything is encrypted by AES-256 algorithm and nothing is sent to the cloud.

What's new in Phone Copier 4.5 Released! (February 22, 2019):

We've just released new Phone Copier Express 4.5. It is a pleasure for us to deliver you the latest version of our highly valued and continually evolving phone data transfer software. It is ideal for phone stores, service centers, to be bundled with mobile phones as well for end users to transfer valuable phone content.

Main features
Improved support for Android 9 and iOS 12
New backup and restore feature for iPhones
Printable reports in PDF for transferred contacts, messages, call logs and organizer
Optimization for tablets/devices with no SIM card
Creating the same folder structure for media files as it was on the source phone
Optimizations for MTP connection mode
Improved progress bar behavior
Added detection for iTunes downloaded from Microsoft Store

Bug fixes
iOS media estimation and transfer fixed
Call logs transfer fixed
File encryption fixed
"How to connect" crash fixed
Damaged MOBILedit backup load fixed
vCard backup save crash fixed
Cancel during iTunes load fixed
Connector app progress bar fixed
iOS version 5 message detection fixed
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