MediaChance UltraSnap Pro 4.5

UltraSnap PRO is a windows screen capture processor, vector editor and a smart clipboard tool all in one.You no longer have to open your image editing software to add captions or annotations, cursors, arrows or combine multiple images or screen shots into one image.

In our office many applications come and go, but UltraSNAP PRO has been a staple on all our computers for more than a decade.The software was originally build for creating screen captions of our other software when making help files, which allows for quick adding annotations, mouse cursors, arrows etc…all without the need to save files or go to other editng applications. Over the years it grew into a full blown editor with image editing, vector editing, tracing ... all while seamlessly working with windows clipboard.

UltraSNAP can start with windows, sitting in your Windows Tray, always ready when you need it! You can customize the hot-keys for various functions such as capturing a screen region or a window under cursor.

Quick Capture Mode with Clipboard processor
Just press one of the user defined Hot-Keys, capture image from a software, web page or document, then quickly change its sharpness, size or colors. All the changes are immediately available in your windows clipboard to be pasted back to Microsoft Word, web editor or image editing applications.The changes you made can be applied right away for any subsequent screen captures. For example you may want to have all your screen captures resized 70% and sharpened and then set back to clipboard - all automatically

Full Editing Mode
This is where UltraSNAP goes beyond all the image capturing application you may have seen. By switching to Edit mode you have full advanced image/vector editor at your disposal. You can now keep capturing multiple images and stack them on a “page”, add cursors, arrows, texts, lines and other vector objects. You can apply effects, drop shadows, blur… And as before, you can then send the result composition back to windows clipboard or export to disk. The idea behind the Edit mode was to avoid using multiple applications to combine and edit image captures with text and objects so we packed it with all the image and vector effects and tools we have.

What's new in version 4
The version 3.x was probably the oldest and longest running workhorse in our office. But it was time for a
large scale update!
Works in Windows 10 and its new way of display scaling and monitor DPI
Saves all data in User space
Adds multipage PDF export - a quick way to capture screenshots one after another and then save the
result as a PDF document.
Numerous enhancements in the Editor Mode:
o Color Wheel
o Transparency editing, pick transparency etc...
o Vector Tracing
o Many other enhancements
Improved capture from multiple monitors (ver.3 didn't like when the monitors had different resolutions)
The trial version doesn't expire - instead it show small overlay on bottom of capture.
Many other fixes and smaller additions.
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