MediaChance Plugin Bridge 1.0.3

Seamlessly run 32-bit Plug-ins such as KPT Collection inside modern 64-bit Adobe Photoshop. There are hundreds of 32-bit photoshop plugins that were never updated for 64-bit Adobe Photoshop ©. Now you can start using them again! The 32 to 64 Plugin Bridge allows you to run most old 32-bit plugins natively and directly from inside 64-bit Adobe Photoshop.

Safe space to run your 32-bit plug-ins
The Plugin Bridge runs the 32-bit plugins inside a safe memory space so an unsafely written plugin cannot crash Photoshop. Thanks to the Plugin Bridge it is actually much safer to run the 32-bit plugins inside the 64-bit Photoshop than it was inside 32-bit Photoshop.

How it works:
- The Plug-in Bridge installs as a 64-bit filter inside 64-bit Adobe Photoshop
- When the filter runs, it creates safe 32-bit memory space to prevent some rogue plugins from affecting Photoshop.
- In the Plugin bridge add any installed 32-bit plugins to the list. The plug-ins don’t need to be in any specific folder, the Plugin Bridge can use them where they are currently installed on your computer.
- Now just launch any of the added plug-ins from within the Plugin Bridge List. When you process the image in the Plug-in it will send it back to Photoshop like any other plug-in. It is that simple!

Current version Limitations:
- The Plugin Bridge works with standard RGB 8-bit/channel and grayscale image modes.
- Masks or Selections are not currently passed to the plugins (we will explore this option later).
- Majority of plugins will work, but some may not or may crash.
- Some old plugins may not be ready to work with large images and will return memory error.

Tested hosts:
The Plugin Bridge works inside many 64-bit hosts applications, including:

• All Adobe Photoshop CS versions (including CS6)
• Corel Painter 2017
• Affinity Photo

Release Notes:
• The Bridge can search for dependent DLLs in the same path where the 32-bit plugin is located
• Better plugin analysis when plug-in refuses to load and more error checking
• Remember last Search folder
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Download MediaChance Plugin Bridge 1.0.3 (x64) Pre-Activated | 3.37 MB
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