Mathworks Matlab R2015a (x64) ISO

MATLAB® is the high-level language and interactive environment used by millions of engineers and scientists worldwide. It lets you explore and visualize ideas and collaborate across disciplines including signal and image processing, communications, control systems, and computational finance.

Put your ideas into action
You can use MATLAB in projects such as modeling energy consumption to build smart power grids, developing control algorithms for hypersonic vehicles, analyzing weather data to visualize the track and intensity of hurricanes, and running millions of simulations to pinpoint optimal dosing for antibiotics.

New Features By Release

R2015a (Version 8.5) - Released 5 Mar 2015

Many new features included in MATLAB R2015a build off of capabilities introduced in R2014b, including big data enhancements, new hardware support, and integrated documentation for custom toolboxes. Explore the features below for more information.


New Features, Bug Fixes, Compatibility Considerations

Documentation: Integrate documentation for custom toolboxes into the MATLAB Help Browser
Documentation: Determine when feature introduced
Array Size Limit: Limit maximum array size to prevent unintended creation of very large matrices
Tab Completion: Complete class properties and methods while editing class definition files
User Interface Preferences: Control user interface language

Language and Programming
repelem Function: Repeat copies of array elements to create a larger array
sort Function: Now preserves shape of cell array of string inputs
isenum Function: Determine if variable is enumeration
milliseconds Function: Convert duration to number of milliseconds
Publishing Markup: Include external file content
fullfile Function: Maintain all double-dot symbols
Python Objects: Indexing Support
Python Version 3.4: MATLAB Support
MATLAB Engine for Python: Support for startup options
MATLAB Engine for Python: Support for Unicode in Python 2.7
Conversion of Character Arrays to Java Strings: Preserve null characters
WSDL Web Services Documents: Limitations
Unit Testing Framework: Tag tests for categorization and selection
Unit Testing Framework: Run tests in parallel
Unit Testing Framework: Share variables between tests in scripts
Unit Testing Framework: Use prebuilt test fixtures
Unit Testing Framework: Compare objects using isequaln
Unit Testing Framework: Use homogeneous expected causes with Throws constraint
Git Source Control Integration: View branch details and delete branches
C Matrix Library: New functions
Functionality being removed or changed

discretize Function: Group numeric data into bins or categories
Descriptive Statistics: Omit NaN values in basic statistical calculations, including max, min, mean, median, sum, var, std, and cov
ismembertol and uniquetol Functions: Perform set comparisons using a tolerance
Random Numbers: Generate random numbers using the double-precision, SIMD-oriented Fast Mersenne Twister (dSFMT) algorithm
nearestNeighbor Function: Determine nearest alphaShape boundary point
Functionality being removed or changed

Data Import and Export
Datastore: Read one complete file with 'file' option for ReadSize property
Datastore: Read data in parallel from a datastore with partition function using Parallel Computing Toolbox
webwrite Function: Send data to RESTful Web services using HTTP POST method
webread and websave Functions: Request data from RESTful Web services using HTTP POST method
xlsread and readtable Functions: Read larger spreadsheet files from Excel software
textscan and readtable Functions: Return consistent results when reading quoted strings
Scientific File Format Libraries: Upgrades
Functionality being removed or changed

drawnow Function: Improve performance in animation loops with new option
Functionality being removed or changed

MapReduce: Run mapreduce algorithms on any computer cluster that supports parallel pools using MATLAB Distributed Computing Server
Interpolation Functions: Execute faster with multithreaded calculations

Hardware Support
IP camera: Acquire video directly from Internet Protocol cameras
BeagleBone Black Hardware: Access BeagleBone Black hardware with the MATLAB Support Package for BeagleBone Black Hardware
Arduino Hardware: Access to Arduino Leonardo and other boards with the MATLAB Support Package for Arduino Hardware
Arduino Hardware: New configurePin function
Functionality being removed or changed
Mathworks Matlab R2015a (x64) ISO-TBE | 7.47 Gb
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