Maple 14.01 (x32/x64) Multilanguage

Maple 14.01 (x32/x64) Multilanguage | 862MB

Maple is a powerful and complete application with which you can perform any mathematical operation, however complicated it is, in seconds.

Technical data: Compatibility: Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 and 64 bits).
File Size: Maple 14 x86 (442 MB) and Maple 14 x64 (410 MB).
Language: Spanish (Multilanguage).
Instructions Included Maple is relatively simple to operate, with a very intuitive interface: there you have it the central panel where you perform operations and the results show, plus a series of floating menus.

These will provide access to commands relating to more complicated operations, as well as a number of mathematical signs and symbols.
So you can calculate from the basic operations (add, subtract, multiply or divide) to more complex ones such as square roots, sines, cosines, logarithms, factorials, prime numbers, derivatives, integrals, limits, powers and functions as well as three thousand. It also includes a powerful utility for displaying graphics in 2D and 3D math.

* Scalable user interface.
* Powerful math coprocessor.
* Ability to generate code.
* View documents in the form of a slideshow.
* The use of Maple 14 in all stages of project life cycle.
* Annotation of documents with mathematical formulas and references.
* Handwriting recognition function to translate the formulas in an electronic format.
* Logic simulation and test hypotheses.
* Funds for the preparation of technical documentation step by step.
* Evaluation of the interaction of objects, the definition of mathematical relationships.
* Cross-references in documents for quick access to information.
* A set of tools for dynamic simulation of dynamic systems.
* The ability to use programming language to create specialized tools to optimize Arce and reconfigure the pieces.
* The integration of Maple 14 with CAD systems, including the popular NX platform (supported from NX Interface).
* Opportunities for drawing Maple 14:
* Replacing the mathematical notation in the title
* Creating labels and legends
* Support for international symbols
* Annotation graphics (drawing tools, add text and formulas, drawing geometric shapes, arrows and lines). What's New in Maple 14:
* Improved Linarizatsii tools. Integration with MATLAB package. Module Maple Toolbox for MATLAB is now incorporated in the package of Maple 14.
* Improved productivity Maple 14 allows you to solve tasks quickly.
* Ability to solve Riccati equations.
* Maple 14 provides more built-in tools for engineering calculations.
* Improved search engine.
Note: We must keep in mind that start to operate normally after the second pass. In the first run, wrote that the files and it seems that was not licensed.

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Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.