Manga Studio 5: Full Version 5 5.0.0 x86
English | Manga Studio 5: Full Version 5 5.0.0 x86 | 1.49 GB

MangaStudio - program is designed specifically for professional and self-proclaimed artist who created the cartoon stories (good for comics, manga, Manhwa) to make them even more enjoyable work. In MangaStudio also possible to draw line-arts and concept art. According to the distributor - the company SmithMicro - ?# 1 Comic Software Worldwide? (the number software for creating comics in the world).

Key improvements presented in Manga Studio 5 is the redesigned user interface that will provide faster and more convenient access to popular tools and features. Developers will also pay special attention to the advanced settings of the workspace. Among the artists can create their own surface textures and experiment with shapes and sizes of brushes.

Attention users in a more convenient and powerful tool for coloring black and white sketches and advanced tool Air Brush. Special mention should be extended support vector graphics and three-dimensional objects.

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