Mailbird Multilingual

Mailbird is an intuitive email client that promises to deliver an uncluttered experience and several handy features for managing your email messages. The tool offers support for up to three email accounts and gives you the possibility to work with Gmail, Yahoo!,, iCloud or other IMAP email provider.

Your Inbox. Your Tasks. United.
- With Mailbird and, you can now link up your tasks directly.
- Simply drag your emails into your daily task list, and get to inbox zero in no time, while you organize your tasks easily and conveniently.
- Want to quickly see the emails from your task list again?
- Simply click the email task, and Mailbird opens it for you.

Productivity. Scheduling. Anything.
Access the many powerful apps that helps you stay more productive, and integrate your daily communcation with your favorite apps.

- Try the Google or Sunrise calendar apps to easily schedule your meetings and combine multiple calendars.
- The WhatsApp instant messaging app, allows you to stay connected with your business partners, friends and family easily via Mailbird.
- Veeting Rooms app is for business meetings, when you want Swiss hosted secure and encrypted peer-to-peer connection. Includes secure p2p video, chat, whiteboard, and document sharing.

Whatsapp & Email. Side by side.
- With your WhatsApp stream running in Mailbird, you can easily communicate with people via email and instant messaging at the same time.
- Drag and drop attachments from your emails into Whatsapp, to easily share photos, videos and documents.

Create your own layout.
- You can customize the layout to match your preferred way of working. Try it now. Move your mouse over the different layouts below.

Pick your favorite color.
- Feel at home with your favorite color themes. The whole Mailbird experience adapts to your choice, and you can change as often as you’d like.

Full touchscreen support.
- Switch seemlessly between trackpad, mouse and touchscreen, as you swipe your way thorugh your inbox.
- Works with any laptop and touchscreen or touchpad.

Whats New:

Implemented new search and top header menu.
Implemented new sync status indicator.
Improved color picker style.
Improved database performance.
Fixed snoozed indicator didn't appear after message came back to inbox.
Fixed issue with drafts or sent messages going missing under rare circumstances.
Fixed GoDaddy issue with incoming messages sometimes being delayed.
Fixed GoDaddy issue with deleted folders in Mailbird sometimes not being deleted on the server.
Fixed GoDaddy issue where copying or moving messages would sometimes revert.
Fixed issue with the folder sync status not updating properly when changing folders.
Fixed focus issue when first time opening mail editor.
Fixed notification list alignment issue on some languages due to width.
Fixed issue with the failure to sync status becoming synced despite the folder now being synced.
Fixed alignment issues when message is hovered and also when there is old ads.
Fixed message sending not working with Norton's outgoing antivirus email scan enabled, for certain servers when connecting without encryption enabled.
Fixed issue with the server causing attachments to incorrectly appear as not having been sent after sending a message, despite them being sent correctly.
Fixed issue with Mailbird sometimes not restarting properly.
Fixed color issue in dark theme.
Fixed tips loading issue due to changes from zendesk.
Apps: Updated moodo app.
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