MAGIX MP3 deluxe

Thousands of artists in one location. But it's not one bit chaotic. Perfectly organize your digital music collections with MP3 deluxe 19. Play music, create playlists, listen to internet radio, convert audio files and then transfer everything to smartphone: Experience a unique range of unlimited functions that are incredibly easy to use!

Your music, perfectly organized.
Audio editor, MP3 converter & digital jukebox all in one: MAGIX MP3 deluxe 19 guarantees first class musical entertainment. Enjoy your music library on your PC, tablet or smartphone.

A great entertainer. An even better organizer.
Enjoy your music in an entirely new way thanks to a brand new design. Organize your digital music collections, convert audio files, create playlists, discover new artists, songs and entire genres from listening to web radio: MP3 deluxe 19 is a first-class entertainer with many talents.

Play music
Press Play and take a break from the world. Listen to your favourite songs and artists over your stereo system or computer speakers.

Audio converter
Just the right file format: With MP3 deluxe you can convert your audio material to high-quality formats, for instance from WAV to MP3 or AAC.

Highlight your favorites
Select the songs most near and dear to you. These will automatically be turned into a playlist of your favorite songs.

The most important features:
- Organize your music easily
- Transfer playlists to smartphones and tablets (Windows & Android)
- Over 6,000 current internet radio stations
- Import and export audio files
- Rip CDs: Automatic retrieval of covers & title information
- MP3 converter: Quick & effective
- Find & delete duplicate tracks
- Design CD covers – with quick print feature

Minimum system requirements:
- Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10.
- Processor 1 GHz
- RAM 2 GB
- Graphics card Onboard, minimum resolution 1024 x 768
- Sound card Onboard
- Drive space 500 MB for program installation

New in MAGIX MP3 deluxe 19:

6,000 internet radio stations
A multitude of amazing sounds: More than a thousand web radio stations in all sorts of genres are just waiting to be discovered.

Like a dream:
The new sleep timer The music stops playing as you're beginning to dream. The sleep timer shuts down your music and your PC too at a fixed time.

Impressive appearance
An advanced design with well thought-out control elements: The new interface makes listening pleasure the priority.

Android & Windows specialist
Your music, everywhere: With MP3 deluxe 19 you can transfer songs, albums or entire playlists quickly and easily to Android and Windows smartphones or tablets.

New Print Studio
Use CD covers from the Internet, or design your very own. The new Print Studio creates booklets and title lists automatically from your playlist.

Simplified audio editing
Optimized speed: With the integrated Audio Editor it's easy to edit and cut audio files and remove noise interference.

New burning routines
Burn to range of disc formats: The new routines optimize CD, DVD & Blu-ray disc burning – without influencing the quality of results.

AAC support
In MP3 deluxe 19, the format and support for AAC files* has been considerably improved. This allows for unlimited enjoyment of your music.
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