Macrium Reflect Professional & Server 5.2 Build 6551

Macrium Reflect Server Edition is a fast and reliable backup and disaster recovery solution for Windows, ensuring business continuity and data security. Protect your data, documents, photos, music and emails. Upgrade your hard disk or try new operating systems in the safe knowledge that everything is securely saved in an easily recovered backup file.

Backup files and folders and mount them as a virtual drive in Windows Explorer. Macrium Reflect supports backup to local, network and USB drives as well as burning to all DVD formats. Backup whole partitions or individual files and folders into a single compressed mountable archive file. This can then be used to create an exact image of partitions on a hard disk for easy hard disk upgrade or system recovery.

Restore your Windows server operating systems to new hardware using ReDeploy for Servers which features a clean, simple and intuitive user interface. Includes the latest version of the Microsoft Windows Preinstallation Environment offering support for more devices along with USB 3.0 support.

Key Features:
- Backup your entire server to a single compressed image file.
- Backup files and folders to a single compressed archive file.
- Recover partitions and entire disk images with just a few clicks
- Dynamic disk support
- GPT disk support
- Restore images to new hardware using Macrium Server ReDeploy
- Windows Event logging

What's new in 5.2 Build 6551:

Cancel confirmation on Clone and Restore:
A confirmation dialog has been added to prevent accidental cancelling of Clone and Restore operations.

Volume label added to the USB drop down when building rescue media:
To aide detection of the correct USB media when building a bootable USB stick the Volume label of the drive has been added to the selection box.

UEFI boot problem when shrinking a GPT partition:
Some customers have reported that when restoring and shrinking a UEFI booting system that the message "0x0000225 \winload.efi is missing". This has been resolved. If this issue affects you then please create fresh Windows PE rescue media after updating.

Windows 8.1 Event error for ReflectService.exe:
The event "The description for Event ID 2 from source ReflectService cannot be found" was incorrectly posted to the Windows Event log in Windows 8.1. This has been resolved
Macrium Reflect Professional & Server 5.2 Build 6551 + Patch-MPT : 164.38 MB
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