MacFort 4.9.1

MacFort is an innovative utility to encrypt and password-protect
individual applications data files on Mac. With just two clicks,
MacFort lets you password-protect several built-in confidential files, e.g., Apple Mail, iPhoto Library, Browser history, Contacts, chat history,
or any individual files and folders you want to protected from prying eyes.

MacFort uses encrypted vaults to securely store your important files,
using AES encryption schemes. AES is used by the US government
and military for all "top secret" classified documents. No one can open
an encrypted vault without knowing the correct password. When you
try to open your favorite apps (e.g., Apple Mail), MacFort will prompt
you for a password to open the vault. If the password you enter is wrong, Mail will be prevented from accessing the email messages. Therefore,
your important files will be completely inaccessible to anyone else.

If you are using MacFort, let's say you have lost your Mac on a
subway station, or even if someone has stolen it, you know that no
one else can read your confidential files. You can even put the
encrypted vault in an external drive or a network drive.
With this method, you can save a lot of hard-disk space, and your
data will be protected from unexpected events. If you lose your Mac,
your data is still in a secure place.

MacFort also allows you to encrypt and password-protect individual
folders or files, If you need to password-lock some files or folders,
just add them to MacFort, MacFort will do the rest for you.

What's New Version 4.9.1:
Improved: Add ability to encrypt Aperture with password protection
Improved: Improve compatibility with iCloud
Improved: Improve compatibility with My Photo Stream if you encrypted iPhoto or Aperture

Lang: Englisch
Size: 5 MB
Format: .app
Hoster: Uploaded

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