Mac Blu-ray Player

Mac Blu-ray Player is the world's first universal media player software for Mac & PC, which can support Blu-ray playback on iPhone/ iPad/ iPod touch via AirX. Able to play any format of movie, video, audio, music, and photo and adding DTS5.1, Mac Blu-ray Player software, can play Blu-ray Disc or Blu-ray ISO on your Mac or PC with the extremely HD Blu-ray entertainment.

- Mac Blu-ray player, as the world’s first Blu-ray player software for Apple Mac, is the unique Blu-ray media player that supports both Mac and Windows systems. All of the Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray files, and Blu-ray folders (BDMV folders) can be perfectly played on MacBook Pro, Air, Mac mini, iMac, Mac Pro with OS 10.5 to 10.8, as well as Windows XP/Vista/7/8 by Mac Bl-ray player software. With this fabulous Mac Blu-ray Player software you can easily and directly have a HD Blu-ray entertainment on your Mac and PC.

- Super high technology makes Mac Blu-ray Player successfully play any commercial Blu-ray Disc/DVD released in different regions. Only by live internet connection, can it quickly load and play the Blu-ray DVD media video directly. With ultrafast loading and super high quality, Mac Blu-ray Player makes fantastic UHD Blu-ray/DVD experience on Mac OS 10.5+ or higher system. By the way, this professional Blu-ray & DVD player is able to support Blu-ray Disc or DVD menu, which makes it very convenient for you to play movie or make settings, like choosing subtitle, audio track, title, etc.

- Mac Blu-ray Player is a kind of universal media player software that can play all media formats of not only movies, videos, audios but also music and photos. Apart from Blu-ray Disc, Blur-ray ISO files, and BDMV folders, Mac Blu-ray Player can also play DVD, VideoCD, MOV, MKV, AVI, FLV, WMV, MP4, MPEG, RMVB, MP3, WMA, AAC, AC3, etc. With the arrival of this one of a kind Mac Blu-ray Player software, Mac users and fans are currently able to enjoy Blu-ray quality and experience on their Mac desktops and laptops.

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- Mac Blu-ray player is a professional Blu-ray & DVD media player for Mac and PC with advanced media technology. It can not only play Blu-ray or DVD discs but also play Blu-ray or DVD ISO files and folders on Mac or PC as a Blu-ray ISO player. If there is a Blu-ray or DVD ISO file in your computer, please open the Mac Blu-ray Player software and click on the “Open file” button. An interface then will pop up, where you can select the Blu-ray or DVD ISO file you want watch and start playback directly. It is easy to understand and handle.

- It is well known that DTS5.1 can guarantee super high quality of stereo outputting, and Mac Blu-ray Player software does support DTS5.1 for Mac initially in the world. At present, Mac Blu-ray Player can support DTS5.1 in v.1.9.5 and its upper versions for Mac platforms as well as Windows. With DTS5.1 audio system, Mac Blu-ray Player provides the best-in-class audio outputting for Mac or PC, and let you enjoy the fantastic home cinema (theater) entertainment.

- Since the coming out of the newly upgraded 2 serial versions, Mac Blu-ray Player has added the amazing AirX function, which make Blu-ray media playable on iOS devices, such as iPhone, iPad, iPad mini, and iPod touch (iTouch), even on their latest styles, like iPhone 5, iPad 4, etc. With fast loading speed and easy operate, you can easily and directly have a Blu-ray media fun on your iPhone/iPad/iPad mini/iPod touch by Airx TV, as long as making sure that your computer and your iOS device are well connected in the same Wi-Fi environment.

- Mac Blu-ray Player is the best all-in-one Blu-ray player for Mac. With full features and functions, it makes an easy and comfortable media enjoyment for all users. One of the very distinctive features of this versatile Blu-ray player software is its ‘Share’ function, by which you can directly recommend the movie you like to or share your reviews with all of your friends on FaceBook or Twitter anywhere and anytime.

What's new in 2.9.3 Build 1428:
1- Fixed the bug that more than 40 Blu-ray discs had failed to be played. Such as "Dexter", "Cloud Atlas", "Breaking Bad", "Hawaii Five-0", "Fast & Furious 6", "Playing For Keeps", "Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 3, Episode 1, Evolution ", etc.

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