Lumion 3D SP2.0 Build 8 (x86/x64)

Lumion 3D SP2.0 Build 8 (x86/x64) | 5.81 GB

Lumion is a real-time 3D visualization tool for architects, urban planners and designers. ItOs perfectly suited for creating videos, still renderings and live demonstrations with a quick turnaround.

About Act-3D B.V.

Officially registered in January 2001, Act-3D is the company behind Lumion and Quest3D. The company is completely devoted to development of real-time 3D authoring packages. Lumion is a real-time 3D visualization tool for making movies and still shots of architecture, planning and design.

About Lumion 3D

Lumion offers excellent graphics in combination with a fast and efficient workflow, saving you time, effort and money. It is in fact so easy to create awesome still renderings and videos with Lumioni that it almost feels like cheating. All you need to run Lumion is a computer with a modern graphics card.

- Import formats
Even the most complex 3D models from your CAD software of choice can be imported with ease. For example from Google Sketchup, AutoDesk products such as 3D Studio Max and many other 3D modeling packages. And a dedicated update function makes it a breeze to (re-)load models that were updated in your CAD software.

Supported import formats:

3D models: DAE, FBX, MAX, 3DS, OBJ
Images: TGA, DDS, PSD, JPG, BMP, HDR and PNG images
Lightmaps from AutoDesk 3D Studio Max
Animated models from AutoDesk 3DS Max via FBX format (Move/Rotate/Scale)

- Scene creation, environments and weather
The scene creation tools in Lumion take full advantage of a GPU-based 3D interface which lets you edit scenes in real-time. The rendering performance is highly optimized so that you can import models with millions of polygons with ease. Terrain creation is straightforward with the 28 built-in landscape presets, 6 water types and a customizable ocean. Daylight, sun, sky and clouds are easily adjustable and can be animated for sun studies.
- Material library
Thanks to the huge material library in Lumioni it takes just moments to really make your design shine. There are 312 built-in high-quality materials such as wooden floors and brick walls as well as 9 custom material types.
- Model library
Bringing your visualization to life is childOs play with the hundreds of entourage models in the model library. For example trees that sway in the wind, moving cars, animated people, buildings, street furniture and much more. Lumioni Ultimate ships with a whopping 656 models and 402 trees, plants and other nature items.
- Video and image output
Lumion renders stunning images in seconds rather than hours. And high quality HD videos in a few hours rather than weeks. The built-in video editor in Lumioni makes great ?film directors out of anyone. Just take a few snapshots and Lumion turns them into professional-looking camera motions. Add overlay images, fi?lters or special eff ects and youOre ready to render a video that you can watch on any PC or Mac. Or upload it straight to YouTube, so your client can see how awesome your design is.
- Theatre mode
Theatre mode is a full screen mode which is ideally suited for live demonstrations. The visual quality is easily adjustable to ensure optimal performance on both low-end and high-end PCs.

About Service Pack 2 Build 8

This is a maintenance release which includes a number of bug fixes and a couple of new features:

- If you turn on Settings -> "Show Frames per Second", you can now see the position of objects that you are moving in the upper right corner.
- The world origin (0,0,0) is now displayed as red/green/blue lines when Settings -> "Show Frames per Second" is turned on.

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Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.
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