Luminant Music Ultimate Edition 2.2.0

An immersive visual experience, driven by the music you play. Now you don’t have to buy stroboscopic lights and lasers for home use (unless you want to give your guests severe headaches), but a decent-sized monitor or TV screen that's running an app like Luminant Music could just do the trick.

Enjoy your favorite music from any source—your personal music collection, online streaming services, or live.

Watch your music come alive with a variety of spectacular scenes that react to the music as it plays.

Easily create unforgettable, high-quality music videos to share across your favorite social media platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

Play your own music and make it look beautiful.

Make Internet stations look spectacular.

Play live music synced to dynamic computer animation

Enjoy an amazing visual spectacle synced to any sound your system is playing.

Create extraordinary music videos easily.

Luminant Music Player
Add your music to create playlists set to beautiful computer-animated scenes.

A Collection of 3D Scenes
Watch your music come alive to a collection of phenomenal 3D scenes that respond to your music as it plays.

Create and Share
Easily make impressive computer-animated music videos set to your favorite music to share with friends and family on social media. You can create visually amazing videos in resolutions up to 4k.

Whats new in Luminant Music Ultimate Edition 2.2.0
• Add MacOS support [LUM-1050]
• Add introductory tour [LUM-981]
• Add Unicode support [LUM-971]
• Add language support for Chinese characters [LUM-971]
• Add language support for Japanese characters [LUM-971]
• Add language support for Korean characters [LUM-971]
• Add language support for Arabic characters [LUM-971]
• Add language support for Bengali characters [LUM-1924]
• Add language support for Hindi characters [LUM-1923]
• Add language support for Punjabi characters [LUM-1925]
• Add language support for Sanskrit characters [LUM-1926]
• Add language support for Tamil characters [LUM-1927]
• Add language support for Thai characters [LUM-1921]
• Add language support for Vietnamese characters [LUM-1922]
• Check for and support updates from previous versions to more recent versions [LUM-1749]
• Help: Add contextual help buttons [LUM-1032]
• Help: Add contextual help to the in-app Help panel [LUM-1076]
• Help: Add/revise keyboard shortcuts [LUM-1796]
• Tooltips: Add tooltips for more controls [LUM-1939]
• Video Producer: Add a close button to the Transition Curve Guide in VIEWS panel (PRO) [LUM-1665]
• Video Producer: Add rendering resolutions for social media sites [LUM-1811]

• Change Windows mute hotkey to Shift+Ctrl+M [LUM-1951]
• Microphone/System: Play control on bottom control bar should be a Play/Pause button in Microphone and Stream modes [LUM-1223]
• Radio: Move radio station browser to left [LUM-1896]
• Revise Update/Upgrade text [LUM-1790]
• Scenes: Change the LARGE scene selection menu to a vertical scrollbar [LUM-987]
• Scenes: Revise Aquarium scene [LUM-1817]
• Scenes: Revise Calm Aquarium scene (renamed to Bioluminescence) [LUM-1817]
• Scenes: Revise Mondrianesque scene so it looks like art on the wall at a museum [LUM-1497]
• Settings: Rename "Configure" menu to "Settings" [LUM-1767]
• Stream: Rename SYSTEM mode to STREAM mode (in the program) [LUM-1862]
• Tooltips: Rewrite tooltips [LUM-984]
• Turn on auto-optimization by default [LUM-1935]
• Use OS-standard title bar and minimize/restore/maximize controls [LUM-1885]
• Video Producer: In the Timing tab, disable buttons to increase and decrease segment start time for segment 1 [LUM-1585]
• Video Producer: Smart LMV file names [LUM-1679]

• "No Internet connection" prompt appears when launching Luminant Music [LUM-1890]
• Audio Configuration panel does not close correctly when opened using the hotkey [LUM-1810]
• Demo/Playlist: Remember position in playlist [LUM-1265]
• Demo: Demo playlist could play the song with the wrong scene when back button is pressed [LUM-1727]
• Demo: Demo playlist kebab menu icon tooltips are inaccurate [LUM-1858]
• Demo: Missing tooltip for kebab menu icon on the Demo playlist [LUM-1985]
• Demo: Playlist menu options' tooltips can be displayed twice [LUM-1937]
• Demo: Slower machines can get stuck playing 1 track indefinitely [LUM-1827]
• Double-clicking on a slider causes errors [LUM-1735]
• File Browser: File browser can cause a significant jump in memory use [LUM-1780]
• Help: Help panel appears behind Main Menu [LUM-1962]
• Help: Playlist help doesn't display correctly [LUM-1894]
• Known Issue - Unable to open a file using a shortcut when the filename contains a Unicode character [LUM-1699]
• License key registration fields lose focus when an audio track changes in the background [LUM-1800]
• Main Menu appears before Opening Title on initial launch [LUM-1777]
• Microphone: Help button on Microphone panel has no tooltip [LUM-1954]
• Microphone: Long microphone names create a text overhang [LUM-1887]
• Microphone: Long microphone names don't display correctly. [LUM-1829]
• Playlist: Recent Playlists panel sits over file browser [LUM-1965]
• Playlist: When all recent playlists have been removed, the last playlist is still shown in the Recent Playlists panel [LUM-1963]
• Pressing Return causes the scene search field to remain empty [LUM-1762]
• Radio: Active radio station is not indicated when playback is paused [LUM-1763]
• Radio: Internet radio browser lacks controls when Help panel is open [LUM-1801]
• Radio: Radio genre tooltips cut off by edge of radio station browser [LUM-1956]
• Radio: Station name contains profanity [LUM-1834]
• Radio: Track info size isn't constrained by the Internet radio browser [LUM-1867]
• Scenes: Certain scenes are not displaying correctly [LUM-1969]
• Scenes: Closing Title image is positioned off center [LUM-1755]
• Scenes: Improve load times for Calibrated scenes [LUM-1769]
• Scenes: Scene goes black when reducing window width to minimum [LUM-1839]
• Settings: In Display Options, the INFO SIZE slider displays non-standard size [LUM-1848]
• Settings: In Display Options, when Show Track Info is turned off, the toggle returns to the ON position when Luminant Music is restarted [LUM-1804]
• Settings: In Preferences, when Show Title at Startup is disabled, the application loads to a black screen [LUM-1789]
• Some text fields get too small if the name of the song is too long [LUM-1932]
• Stream: Audio Configuration panel appears on screen when F4 is pressed [LUM-1803]
• Tooltips: Choose Sound Source tip appears behind sources [LUM-1910]
• Tooltips: Improve tooltip responsiveness [LUM-1553]
• Tooltips: Internet radio browser button tooltip is displayed twice [LUM-1889]
• Unity / Luminant Music splash screen appears before loading screen [LUM-1785]
• Uppercase file extensions cannot be added to a playlist [LUM-1457]
• Video Producer: = hotkey has 2 functions [LUM-1893]
• Video Producer: Clicking the Help icon on the Intro tab of the Video Producer panel doesn't always open the Help panel [LUM-1948]
• Video Producer: Custom color changes are not immediately displayed [LUM-1369]
• Video Producer: Edit in Pro tooltip does not appear in Advanced mode [LUM-1983]
• Video Producer: Edit in Pro tooltip does not appear in Simple mode [LUM-1934]
• Video Producer: First segment displays blank thumbnail in the storyboard when set to same as previous scene [LUM-1781]
• Video Producer: In Settings tab, tooltip for the Objective slider is too compact [LUM-1920]
• Video Producer: In the Render tab, the track name and render percentage are misaligned [LUM-1706]
• Video Producer: In the Style tab, the color picker appears over Scene Selection panel [LUM-1372]
• Video Producer: Preview play button doesn't return to play symbol after the segment or song ends [LUM-1835]
• Video Producer: Preview visualizer reacting to wrong song when switching back to Video mode from Radio mode [LUM-1845]
• Video Producer: Preview window doesn't resize after closing the Help panel [LUM-1949]
• Video Producer: Preview window is displaying incorrectly [LUM-1968]
• Video Producer: Save hotkey not tied correctly [LUM-1895]
• Video Producer: Scenes do not receive signal unless audio is playing [LUM-1613]
• Video Producer: Scenes get white outlines in the preview window when returning to Video Producer after playing a song in another mode [LUM-1987]
• Video Producer: Unable to rename output filename in Settings tab [LUM-1933]
• Video Producer: Using Enter/Return to submit variable entry prevents hotkey usage until mouse is clicked [LUM-1778]
Requirements: Luminant Music is currently available as a 64-bit desktop application for Windows 10.

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