LogViewPlus 2.1.13

Log Viewer Plus is a professional-grade software solution meant to assist you in analyzing the contents of log files in order to determine what went wrong during a certain operation and attempt to solve the issue.

Neatly-structured and intuitive UI
The program features a user-friendly appearance with a fairly self-explanatory set of functions, to make it as simple as possible to browse through log files and their contents.
It structures its interface into tabs, ‘Home’ and ‘Actions’, while also displaying a ‘Log Files & Filters’ panel and a viewing window, where the contents of a selected document are revealed.

Look through log files and apply custom filters to show specific entries
Log Viewer Plus allows you to import one or several different files, supporting larger items as well, thus enabling you to work with almost any document that you may need to, without too much effort.
Once loaded, the application displays the ‘Date’, ‘Time’ and ‘Message’ in the file, and on condition that it was parsed correctly, it will also feature information about the logger and the thread ID. Clicking on a line reveals its details in a lower section.
Log Viewer Plus supports creating ‘Time’, ‘Logger’, ‘Thread’ and ‘Text Filters’, which you can save as templates and apply as needed to your files. As such, the ‘Time Filter’ allows you to specify a start and an end date, as well as a precise time interval for displaying log entries.
Using the ‘Logger Filter’, you can only show entries made by a particular individual; the same can be said about ‘Thread Filters’. Similarly, the ‘Text Filter’ lets you search for certain items, including or excluding words from the operation.

A handy log analysis instrument
In summary, Log Viewer Plus is a useful and reliable utility that can assist you in looking through log files with a fine tooth comb, making sure you do not miss any important information that it may contain.

Version 2.1.13

New Features

LogViewPlus can now notify you when a filter detects new log entries.
LogViewPlus now automatically tracks and remembers your workspace.
Workspaces will now persist highlights.
ESC key to close a filter or view will no longer be the default.
To improve performance, LogViewPlus will no longer save large log entry samples.
Upgraded third-party libraries.

Issues Resolved

Fixed an issue with reloading merge files when a directory monitor is reloaded.
Fixed an issue with creating multiple logger or thread filters with wildcards.
Fixed an issue with applying a pre-saved template.
Fixed an issue with saving application settings.
Fixed an issue with pasting a filter that has been cut and then deleted.
Fixed an issue with spin edits showing decimal places.
Fixed an issue with invalid characters in templates.
Fixed an issue with invalid regex highlights.
XML export now supports invalid XML characters.
Fixed an issue with invalid characters in XML parsers.
Increased timeout on application image initialization.
Minor bug fixes and enhancements.
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Fixed an issue with invalid characters in XML parsers.