JixiPix Premium Pack Plugin - MacOSX - 620 mb

The Premium Pack (Plugin) is the perfect complement to Photoshop.
Having the products within the application will save you valuable time,
and allow for batch processing and actions, while the products
themselves offer a level of creativity beyond using Photoshop alone.
Fast, efficient, creative, and convenient — the JixiPix Premium Pack (Plugin) puts powerful tools right where you need them!

Premium Pack (Plugin) Includes:
• Aquarella - Create luminous water with liquid pools of blended colors
• Artista Haiku - Create a stylized watercolor with inky outlines.
• Artista Oil - Turn a photo into an oil painted masterpiece.
• Artista Sketch - Convert your photo into a drawing with light wispy shading.
• Artoon - Create professional looking cartoons from your images.
• Chalkspiration - Create Chalkboard Art without the Dusty Clean up.
• Dramatic Black & White - Make a black & white photo with light contrast and form.
• Grungetastic - Rock your photo with unwell textures and tones.
• Kyoobik Photo - Turn a mundane photo into 3D popping geometric shapes.
• Moku Hanga - Transform a photo into a painted Japanese wood carved scene.
• NIR Color - Convert a photo into a magical and surreal infrared scene.
• Pop Dot Comics - Create a comic with colored halftones and speech bubbles.
• Portrait Paint - Auto paint a gallery-style portrait on linen canvas. [Req. 64-Bit].
• Rainy Daze - Give your photo the power and emotion of a rainy day.
• Romantic Photo - Add romance to your photo with dreamy mood and ambiance.
• Simply HDR - Turn a photo into unparalleled ranges of light and detail.
• Snow Daze - Create a snowy day memory with your picture.
• Vintage Scene - Take a photo back in time with age and fade.
Format: .dmg
Size: 620 MB
Lang: Englisch
Hoster: Uploaded

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