IVONA Reader + IVONA Text to Speech MULTILANG | 6.38 GB
Avaible Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

IVONA Voices with BrightVoice provide lifelike, expressive reading of words, sentences, paragraphs and even entire speeches and books. BrightVoice technology uses artificial intelligence algorithms, which with computer precision reflects the expression and any individual characteristics of the human voice. As a result, the synthesized speech is virtually indistinguishable from the professional voiceover recording. BrightVoice is a result of 10 years of research in IVONA Text-to-Speech.

IVONA Text-to-Speech takes advantage of many other technological innovations that make it a leading system in the TTS industry. Since 2006 IVONA has maintained a leading position in the prestigious annual scientific event Blizzard Challenge (comparison of Text-to-Speech systems).

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