iSonics 1.6.0

iSonics makes it easy to convert any audio format and CDs to all
popular audio formats: MP3, MP2, AAC, FLAC, ALAC, WMA, OGG Vorbis,
AC3 and WAV.
It handles Metadata with ease and even enables you to change
Metadata including automatically downloading cover pictures.
As a bonus you can import CDs and convert the audio tracks to
any audio format including metadata retrieved online.

What's New Version 1.6.0:
Added FLAC option 'LPC coefficient precision'
Added FLAC option 'Min Partition Order'
Added FLAC option 'Max Partition Order'
Added FLAC option 'Compression Level'
Added AC-3 option 'A/D Converter Type'
Added new preferences values for Tracknumber Formats.
Added 'Open with iSonics' to the contextual menu.
Format: .dmg
Lang: Englisch
Size: 16,6 MB
Hoster: Uploaded

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