iScrapbook will help you get more scrapbooking done in less time with more professional results than traditional scrapbooking.?.iScrapbook is a digital scrapbook tool designed for both novice and professional scrapbookers. iScrapbook's class-leading assortment of design tools are sophisticated, yet so easy to use that everyone can achieve stunning results. ??iScrapbook manages then entire scrapbook process from page design to album organization.

Key features of "iScrapbook":

* Popular Formats. Support for both 8.5" x 11" and 12" x 12" scrapbook pages.

?* iPhoto Access. Access iPhoto albums and photos directly from the built-in browser.

?* 30+ Smart-Shapes. Create custom design elements using smart shapes.

?* Favorites Bin. Store and re-use your most creative design elements.

?* Transparency. Adjust the transparency of shapes, text, and graphics.

?* Objection Rotation. Easily rotate shapes, text, and graphics.

?* Shadows. Easily add shadows to any object and adjust shadow attributes.

?* Gradients. Use sophisticated color gradients to give objects realism and character.

?* Single Window Interface. Streamlined interfaces makes work fun.

?* Group/Ungroup. Group objects together to create intricate designs.

?* Layers. Organize design elements on separate layers.

?* 100+ Super-Masks. Mask images with fine-grain control for a pro-look.

?* 30+ Special Effects. Use one-click effects on images like Sepia, Gaussian Blur, etc.

?* Photo Fine-Tuning. Adjust the brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc. of any photo.

?* Photo Cropping. Dynamically crop photos using any shape or even text.

?* Grid Overlay/Underlay. Display an alignment grid above or below your artwork.

?* Lock/Unlock. Lock objects on the design canvas to prevent accidental alteration.

Version 4.0.7:

* Added support for new XML Sharing Option in Aperture 3.5 and later.

* Added ability to crop an image with multiple lines of text (previously limited to top line)

* Added new appearance options for image placeholders.

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* Improved the way shapes are selected by detecting clicks near the actual path of the shape (if not filled) instead of the interior of the shape.

* Improved the grid feature: the grid settings can now be saved on a document-by-document basis and the grid can optionally be printed.

* When multiple objects are resized, the font size and kerning of text boxes are scaled proportionally.

* The handles for the selected graphic now always appear, even if Trim to Page is enabled and the handles are outside of the page bounds.

* Fixed problem with vertical ruler starting position relative to top of the Canvas.

* Fixed problem where option-dragging a cropped image would create a copy that initially appeared blank.

* Fixed problem with Mask, Vignette and Spot Focus effects working correctly on Retina machines.

* Fixed issue with drag image not appearing when dragging a page from the Pages column.

* Fixed problem drawing text along a Bezier shape where invisible glyphs would be drawn.

* Fixed problem where images with effects would sometimes temporarily disappear during a save.

* Fixed problem with QuickLook previews where PDF or EPS objects in the design appeared blurry.

* Fixed problem with low resolution reflections when running on a Retina computer.

* Fixed problem cropping images on a Retina computer that resulted in cropped images that were twice as large as necessary.

* Fixed problem with document files being larger than necessary after cropping an image.

* Fixed problem where certain images would appear blank in printouts if the image had a special effect applied.

* Fixed potential OS X 10.9 Mavericks issue with the Cover Flow-like Artwork Preview window.

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