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InventorCAM 2014 Build 53851 (x64) | 1.7GB
InventorCAM: The Leaders in Integrated CAD/CAM

InventorCAM's CAM software, for all CNC applications, including the revolutionary patented iMachining, is seamlessly integrated in Autodesk Inventor and with full toolpath associativity to the Autodesk model. InventorCAM a is Certified Partner of Autodesk Inventor. The integrated InventorCAM+Autodesk Inventor CAD/CAM solution provides the best available integrated CAD/CAM software.

InventorCAM iMachining revolutionary CAM Toolpath and Wizard, provide unbelievable cycle time savings and tool life extension, increasing dramatically the productivity and profit of your machine shop
The unique, patented iMachining module of InventorCAM, the leading CAM software, integrated with Autodesk Inventor and SolidWorks and also available as stand-alone CAD/CAM suite, provides unbelievable savings and increased efficiency in your CNC milling operations, translating into profits and success for InventorCAM customers worldwide.

iMachining saves 70 and more in CNC machining time
iMachining extends cutting tool life dramatically
The unique iMachining Technology Wizard, provides optimal feeds and speeds, taking into account the toolpath, stock and tool material and machine specifications.

Date: 2013
Version: 2014 Build 53851
Developer: Solidcam
Developer website: www.inventorcam.com

Bit: 64bit
Language: English + Russian
Medicine: Present

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