Intuit Quicken Home & Business 2015 R4 Retail

Quicken Home & Business 2015 is your financial life—personal and business–all in one place! Includes everything in Quicken Premier, plus: Categorizes your personal spending and your business expenses automatically, saves you money by finding tax-deductible business expenses and allows you to see business profit and loss snapshots anytime.

All your business and personal finances in one place
- Connects directly to your personal and business accounts, including banking, credit cards, loans, 401(k), and investments*
- See at a glance how your business is performing, with reports including profit/loss, cash flow, and more
- Automatically tracks and categorizes your expenses, so no need for manual edits

Always know how your business is doing
- View an overall snapshot of your profit/loss
- See what's coming in for the month, what's going out, and what's left

Maximize deductions and simplifies your taxes
- Easily keep track of tax deductions, such as mileage, home office, job-specific expenses, and more
- See your year-to-date tax deduction status to avoid tax-time surprises
- Create Schedule C reports, or even export your data directly to TurboTax

Organize, analyze, and optimize your portfolio
- Check assets, liabilities, and net worth in one click
- Shows your investing returns and how you are doing vs. market averages*
- Helps you make better investing/buy sell decisions with market comparisons*
- Minimize investment taxes, as cost basis and capital gains are tracked and estimated for you

And more tools to help meet your goals
- Easily create, print, and save professional-looking estimates and invoices
- See your day-to-day cash flow, including upcoming paychecks, bills, and checks that haven't cleared
- Shows you how to reach your retirement goals
- Helps you create a custom plan to reduce debt

Make smart money decisions on the go
- Check account balances and track your budget with the free Quicken 2014/2015 mobile app
- Your information is synced between your computer, tablet, and smartphone
- Stay on top of your accounts with timely updates and alerts
- Snap and store receipts to easily track important purchases

What's new in Quicken 2015:

New in Quicken Windows! Free credit score and more
- Truly free – no credit card required
- Includes free credit report summary that explains the factors that impact your score
- Plus daily monitoring and alerts to help protect against identity theft.
- Quick sign up – see your free credit score in 2 minutes or less

New in Quicken Windows! Portfolio X-Ray®
- Reports not just on funds, but securities held within your funds
- Instantly see multiple views of your portfolio (including asset allocations, geographic regions, sectors, and more)
- Get insights to help you take actions to improve your portfolio
- Available with Premier and higher versions

Improved! Mobile app
- Faster sync and one–click updates so you can do more in less time!
- New spending graphs help you easily stay on top of your money while you're on the go

Improved! Investment tools
- In–product symbol lookup right within Quicken
- Improved bond sell actions
- Automatic download of option prices and history
- Available with Premier and higher versions
Release Notes - R4

Enhanced features
- Improved Intuit ID registration flow for upgraders
- Introduced new Add-on Services tab to showcase Quicken services
- Updated 2015 Tax rates
- Support for Importing TurboTax 2015 tax file in Quicken

Scheduled Update
- FIXED: Quicken not closing after scheduled update in some scenarios

Bills and Reminders
- FIXED: Remind me in advance for Bill reminders incorrectly saved when the days are >=256
- FIXED: No "Enter" or "Skip" on Bill in Stack view for any new bill that is setup to occur only once
- FIXED: Changes made on 'Edit Income Reminder' dialog not getting saved in case of dividend reminder.

Focus Issue
- FIXED: Retaining focus on the Calendar/Stack view when focus returns to Quicken
- FIXED: Focus is missing on 'Verify Cash Balance' dialog when launched

- FIXED: Investing Holding view loosing display values
- FIXED: Changes made to Brokerage accounts not reflected in linked Cash accounts
- FIXED: Add account summary for Brokerage accounts shows downloaded transactions numbers of days incorrectly
- FIXED: Securities disappearing after performing One step update, in cases where there are multiple securities with same ticker symbol
FIXED: Reconcile investment accounts displaying data in the wrong columns - "Posting Date"

- FIXED: Erroneous transactions displayed in print register when using 2-Line display
- FIXED: Unable to print the register when sort by "Date" is used
- FIXED: Quicken is printing "r" in Memo column while printing Customer Invoice register

- FIXED: Cannot clear or reconcile Linked Cash Acct Txn
- FIXED: Unable to mark transferred transactions Reconciled
- FIXED: Sorting of columns in reconcile window for Credit Card accounts

Tax Summary
- FIXED: Custom Dates Not Functioning Properly on Tax Summary Report
- FIXED: Fiscal Year preferences not respected for Tax Summary

- FIXED: Sounds not working in Quicken 2015
- FIXED: Editing Loan principal and interest amount not reflected in Projected balances
- FIXED: Data file sanitizer not removing online payee information
- FIXED: Expense Graph on the Home page is inconsistent with the Full Graph
- FIXED: Notes Column does not allow entry in the register

- FIXED: Crash observed during One Step update in some scenarios
- FIXED: Quicken converter crashing when a password protected file was used
- FIXED: Crash observed while entering or editing Notes for transactions in some scenarios
- FIXED: Crash observed while entering or editing Categories for transactions in some scenarios
- FIXED: Crash observed during loading of Portfolio view in some scenarios
- FIXED: Crash observed in tax calculator in some scenarios
- FIXED: Crash observed in Large font mode in some scenarios
- FIXED: Crash observed in reports in some scenarios
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Only the registered members can see the download links/content. please Register to gain full access.