InPixio Photo Focus 3.7.6646 Multilingual

It’s not always possible to prevent lurred photos — especially when taking random photos. InPixio Photo Focus offers the tools to help you create clear, crisp and high-resolution photos.

Greater focus
Enhance the depth of focus of your images by adding sharpness, soft focus and blurring and establishing a clear distinction between the image background and the image center.
As a result you can highlight the important details in the image — see the family shown here

Recentering images
Some of your images may be off-center — InPixio Photo Focus enables you to draw attention to the center of the image by recentering it.

Blur filters for outstanding results
Make your images look like miniatures! Use creative blur filters (soft focus and tilt-shift) to create amazing miniature effects.

Focus on the details
Manage the contrast and clarity of your images, focus on the tiniest of details and create amazing photos!

Ultimate image sharpening
You can get so much more from all your photos!
Even the sharpest photos can be resharpened — for perfect prints or an extremely sharp impression!

Save money! No expensive equipment required.
The Photo Focus software even helps you save money. By using the software functions to sharpen and enhance the quality of your photos, you do not need to purchase expensive photography equipment!

What's New in InPixio Photo Focus in Version 3:

- Resharpen your photos with the easy-to-use 1-Click sharpness tool
- You can compare the photos before and after you have enhanced them
- Image cropping: the software incorporates six pre-defined formats (format 16:9, 4:3, etc.) or you can define your own
- Image formats supported: Jpeg and TIFF (8-bit or 16-bit), PNG, BMP, GIF and JpegXR
- 1-click focus function for landscapes, architecture, portraits and close-ups (macros)
- Use a range of creative filters to enhance the quality and the focus of your images
- Photo processing: color saturation, brightness, clarity and contrast
- Compatible with Windows 10
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