Hiren's BootCD - an indispensable tool used by many computer technicians and system administrators. At bootable CD assembled dozens of the most popular programs and utilities for running DOS. This is a utility for working with hard drive, its recovery, diagnosis, partitioning and formatting tools diagnosis of all the computer nodes, file managers, utilities for the nerk, bypassing the means for system passwords and unlock Windows and Linux, as well as many others.

It consists of a small WindowsPE "mini Windows XP", which provides quick access to popular Windows-based programs and utilities through "HBCDMenu", convenient and practical context menu called from the tray. "HBCDMenu" is also available and works in installed on your computer operating system of Windows.
Hiren's BootCD eliminates the need to keep on hand dozens and dozens of disks required in daily work.

Additional Information:
Fix for 15.1 Rus (adapted from 15.2). From Lexapass.
Bug fixes boot DOS-part ("Problems with drivers.7z") on the new chipsets.

Unlike versions of Full Standart:
In the Full version of the boot DOS-menu expanded to include:
Disk Director Server 10.0.2169 RUS
True Image Echo Server 9.7.8398 RUS
Partition Manager 11 RUS (

History 02/07/2013
Fix for 15.1 Rus (adapted from 15.2). From Lexapass.

System requirements:
Computer with 64-128 MB of RAM

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