Hetman Partition Recovery 2.2 (All Editions)

Hard Drive or External Disk Recovery Software. Looking for a tool to recover a hard drive, memory card or USB drive? Missing information after a disk failure or accidental formatting? Deleted partitions caused loss of data? Can’t access a disk with Windows?

Hetman Partition Recovery will reliably restore information from damaged FAT and NTFS disks, recovering the original file and folder structure. In addition to existing partitions, the tool discovers all previously created volumes. This allows the user to search and recover files from those deleted volumes. The tool can save the entire logical drive, recovering the original file and folder structure.

Supporting all versions of FAT and NTFS file systems used in all versions of Windows up to the latest Windows 10, this hard drive recovery software can fix problems in storage media of any kind. Convenient step-by-step wizards make the recovery process as easy as one-two-three.

Key Features in Hetman Partition Recovery 2:

Comprehensive Hard Drive Recovery
Hetman Partition Recovery is our top of the line data recovery solution. Fully supporting both FAT and NTFS file systems, the tool is equipped with the most sophisticated algorithms that allow full recovery in the most difficult cases.

Supported File Formats
Hetman Partition Recovery can recover files of absolutely any type with no exceptions. For many types of files such as documents, pictures and archives, comprehensive content-aware analysis is available, making it possible to locate and recover those files even if no trace of the file system is left on a disk. Content-aware analysis supports the following types of files:

- Documents in Microsoft and Open Office formats (e.g. DOC, DOCX, ODT, RTF, HTML, PDF and so on).
- Digital pictures and RAW images (e.g. JPEG, PSD, EPS, TIFF, PNG, RAW, DNG, CR2, NEF etc.).
- Presentations and spreadsheets (XLS, XLSX, ODS etc.).
- Archives and backups (ZIP, RAR etc.).
- Audio and video files (AVI, DAT, MKV, MPG, VOB, MP3 and many other formats).

Supported Storage Devices
Hetman Partition Recovery has been thoroughly tested with many groups of devices including desktop and laptop hard drives (IDE, ATA, SATA, and SCSI models were tested); external enclosures and storage systems connected via a USB cord. The tool supports all popular memory card formats including SD/SDHC/SDXC, micro SD, Compact Flash, Memory Stick etc., and can recover information from many models of MP3 players, tablets, smartphones, digital cameras and GPS navigation devices connecting to a PC via a USB cord. Hetman Partition Recovery recognizes and supports memory cards of all models and makes including A-Data, Corsair, Goodram, HP, Kingston, LaCie, PhotoFast, PNY, SanDisk, Silicon Power, TDK, Team, Toshiba, Transcend, Verbatim etc.

Ease of Use
Using Hetman Partition Recovery to recover files and folders is easy as 1-2-3. The built-in File Recovery Wizard is fully guided, taking you through the entire recovery process one step after another. We made the recovery process safe and error-proof, enabling anyone use Hetman Partition Recovery as their first data recovery tool ever. The tool operates in strictly enforced read-only mode to ensure the ultimate safety of information stored on the damaged disk. Users of Hetman Partition Recovery will feel immediately at home with its Explorer-like user interface allowing to browse through deleted information just as easily as navigating in Windows Explorer. Recovering files with Hetman Partition Recovery can be easier than deleting!

File System Analysis
Analyzing the file system is step one of the data recovery process. As files can be scattered evenly across the disk, sometimes fragmented beyond reproach, reading the file system is essential to reconstruct information about the exact physical blocks occupied by a given file. When a file is deleted, the file system does not physically wipe or erase the file from the disk. Instead, it simply marks the file’s record in the file system as “deleted”, releasing its disk space for use by other files. In its Quick Scan mode, Hetman Partition Recovery performs a scan of the file system in order to locate any files marked as deleted. This approach will not work for formatted disks or badly damaged file systems, so on such disks the tool will perform a full disk search (Comprehensive Analysis mode) instead.

Scanning the File System
Hetman Partition Recovery includes comprehensive algorithms allowing the tool to extract usable information even from damaged, corrupted and partially overwritten file systems. Virus attacks, data corruption, physical damage and other errors may easily lead to unreadable files or inaccessible disks. Hetman Partition Recovery can correct those errors by locating the file systems or their backup copies (for NTFS volumes) and use all information still available to rebuild the original file and folder structure. After that, you will be able to actually recover files and folders, saving them to a safe location.

Full Disk Analysis with Signature Search
File system records representing deleted files can be overwritten with new stuff rather rapidly. Even though the file itself is still stored somewhere on the disk, a record pointing to that file may not be available. This is also the case if the file system is emptied after a Quick Format operation, or if the disk is damaged or corrupted. In this situation, Hetman Partition Recovery uses content-aware signature search, reading the entire disk surface in order to locate supported file types by their characteristic signatures. This algorithm allows the tool to recover files from formatted, repartitioned and inaccessible disks, as well as undelete files removed a long time ago. The final result often exceeds the quality delivered by renowned data recovery labs.

Visual Pre-Recovery Preview and the HEX Editor
Hetman Partition Recovery comes with two different modes to preview deleted files: visual and HEX. In visual mode, the tool will display the content of documents, pictures, spreadsheets and other supported types of files the way you would see them in Microsoft Office or picture viewer. The built-in HEX editor offers low-level, binary-mode preview for advanced users such as system administrators and data recovery professionals. In addition to file content, the HEX editor displays low-level system information such as the file’s exact physical location on a disk. The HEX editor can also display information about volumes and partitions such as boot sectors and MFT records. Both visual and binary-level previews are available even in the free evaluation version of the tool. Files that can be successfully opened by the visual preview tool are guaranteed recovery.

Absolute Safety
Strictly following safety precautions is essential for a successful recovery. Every file operation, even opening a file with a viewer, may lead to a series of write operations. Windows modifies file attributes such as last access date, and may perform other writes without you even noting. On a corrupted disk, this may cause severe damage to the file system. Hetman Partition Recovery implements read-only low-level access in such a way that no write operation occurs on the disk being analyzed or to information being recovered. To make the process even more secure, Hetman Partition Recovery can read the entire device in a single long read operation, creating a bit-precise virtual image of the device. These virtual images can be used to recover information without further accessing the original device.

Saving Files
As you know, you must use a separate disk or another storage device to receive files being recovered; otherwise, you’ll be risking in losing your data. However, most users have gigabytes worth of useful information stored on their disks, and little free space available on other disks to accommodate for those files. Hetman Partition Recovery solves this issue by allowing uploading recoverable files to a network location over the FTP protocol, creating a bunch of burnable ISO images, or burning a number of CD/DVD discs directly with a built-in burner. You can also use network attached storage (NAS) devices, USB enclosures, USB pen drives and memory cards.

Supported File Systems and System Requirements
Hetman Partition Recovery supports all versions of FAT and NTFS file systems. This includes the original FAT, FAT12, FAT 16, VFAT and FAT32, NTFS 3, 4 and NTFS 5. For NTFS disks, the tool supports alternative data streams (ADS), and can recover compressed and encrypted files and folders. Windows XP / 2003 and 2008 Server / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 and Windows 10 are supported. Hetman Partition Recovery runs in both 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows. Please note that you must have Administrator’s privileges on your computer in order to install and use Hetman Partition Recovery.

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